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Complaint by: on March 6, 2017, 6:17 pm in Online Shopping

Today morning we got a call from the no 8298197677 saying that you won a TATA SAFARI car in HOME SHOP 18. Below message received from the name of IM-HOMESP.

Dear customer congratulation You have won 1st prize a TATA SAFFARI Car or RS. 12,80000/ from.HOME SHOP 18 .After registration you can take car orRs 12,80000 as your choice. Registration charges is Rs 12,800. For details contect 8298197677 HOME SHOAP 18 Sandhya

After this I asked him send a official email to my id but he refused to send the mail saying that if u need any clarification regarding I will tell you over phone only. Also he said you deposit the amount in sbi account if any problem you face give a complaint. Also I received one ID details from him.other no 7544893780

Home shop 18
NAME: Mr. Ravirajan Raj
JOB TITLE: Advisor
ID NO: 5842183484

Complainant's Goal: Please beware of this fake calls.
Complainant's Target: Home shoap 18
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Recent Comments
Mon, 27 Nov 2017  Aishwarya Pratap Singh

Today-27/11/2017 I face same situation,
At morning a man call on my phone and said, "I'm from Homeshop18 and you got a first prize (Tata Safari)" after it I ask him how I won 1st prize then he reply you won by lucky draw and you got it by simply deposit 4500/- rupees on our manager account. Then I realize it's fraud call from someone. But something it's not clear that how he got my number and how he know that my name also.

Fri, 24 Nov 2017  BRIJ KUMAR

(dear sir/maidam) You are winner of Shopclues company
Online shopping You win-1st prize (TATASAFARI) Price of Rs-12,40,148.00 registration charges-RS-6,250.00 on 23/11/2017- Deposit only for-details contact no- 07543993035, toll-free no-18003135859

Thu, 23 Nov 2017  Suresh mahantappa Biradar

This is true?

Wed, 22 Nov 2017  Alvis

I got message first like from MD-HMSHOP dear customer congratulation you are product order Homeshop18 Tv show your name to open the lucky drw Tata safari car cost rs =1260000 the charge of your Registration service payment Rs = 10500 this is valid 22/11/2017 for Details contact number 9262349646. Then i got call from 9065045967(man voice speaking in bihari hindi the most funny part is they cant speak in English), then 1 more call from 7091035778( lady voice) asking ur options payment or car. I aked them to send email through homeshop bt they refuse to send only sms they sends and tells this is company sms no. Even they send their bank details to send their 10000rs of registration before u get ur gift hahaha, so this all fake dont accept it just say bad words to them they are hackers, robbers. Confirm their no. Online to police ir trace in true caller

Tue, 21 Nov 2017  MD ASHARAF

Today morning we got a call from the no -9162961013 aying that you won a TATA SAFARI car in HOME SHOP18.
He is demond 6500 Rs for document Charges. and he was saying to me you can pay a/c no. his Acount no.37186484382 acounnt name Holder Mr. ramnik Singh

Tue, 21 Nov 2017  sabin tamang

Today morning i got a call from shopclues and he is saying that i am the winner of lucky draw and the prize is tata safari so
he asked me for my bank account details ....
and the number is 8084565106

Mon, 20 Nov 2017  Vikram Ghosh

Today morning I have received this fake call stating the below message. I enquiries the same with customer care of homeshop18 and they informed that it's fake . My question is how they came to know that I have purchased product from homeshop18? That means there is definitely a connection between homeshop18 and the fake callers ...

Congratulation Dear sir
HOMESHOP18 company

Mon, 20 Nov 2017  Ali Fakih

Dear coustmer congregations you are winner of shop clues tata safari amount of 12,80000 registration charge 12,800 for apply contact 18001232315 wadsp no8292734987

Received Massage and call this number 7562945323 Today . With Reference ShopClues

Mon, 20 Nov 2017  Remya s s

Today morning we got a message from the no 7091035045 saying that you won a TATA SAFARI car in HOME SHOP 18.

Sat, 18 Nov 2017  Inangbe Riame

'Mintra Dear sir you are selected the first winner of our company as a car of tata safari prise 1280000 your registration sulk 12800'.
I got this message.
I want a true details
Of this message

Fri, 17 Nov 2017  Benu Rawat

Hello! I received a similar message for the third time. It was sent to me by VM - HOMSOP
I clearly understood it was a fraud by the name itself. I informed homeshop 18 and they said they will take an action. Here are the details. -

HOMESHOP company
You won tata safari cost RS=1260000
contact 9801039496

PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE SUCH FRAUD!!! CONFIRM WITH HOMESHOP 18 BEFORE DEPOSITING ANY MONEY. I'd never buy from Homeshop 18 again since they shared my personal data. Please also keep your family/friends aware of this fraud!

Fri, 17 Nov 2017  Ravi Chand

Today my brother also received a similar message and telephone call, only difference is it was from ShopClues. The caller asked him to deposit deposit Rs.10000/- immediately to get the Tata Safari or the money.. I alerted him not to do anything on a telephone call before varifying the documents..

Don't act on such fraud calls, You will be in trouble..

Fri, 17 Nov 2017  Soni

Yes today he call me and say you won TATA safari LX model he give me her A/C no.20369466519 and say Pls deposit RS.1260 for car registration an he will give driver no. Engine no and much more so I open this site and look all mail and stop to deposit the money this is fake don'belive

Fri, 17 Nov 2017  Prem Pardeshi

(congratulations)you are TV show HOMSHOP18 you win 1st..price is Tata safari car Rs.12,60000 Registration service charge on Deposit only call 08191988956

Thu, 16 Nov 2017  Naveen kumar

(dear sir/maidam) You are winner of Shopclues company
Online shopping You win-1st prize (TATASAFARI) Price of Rs-12,40,148.00 registration charges-RS-9,999.00 on 16/11/2017- Deposit only for-details contact no- 07461891535, toll-free no-18001205677 , 8969628796