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Complaint by: on March 6, 2017, 6:17 pm in Online Shopping

Today morning we got a call from the no 8298197677 saying that you won a TATA SAFARI car in HOME SHOP 18. Below message received from the name of IM-HOMESP.

Dear customer congratulation You have won 1st prize a TATA SAFFARI Car or RS. 12,80000/ from.HOME SHOP 18 .After registration you can take car orRs 12,80000 as your choice. Registration charges is Rs 12,800. For details contect 8298197677 HOME SHOAP 18 Sandhya

After this I asked him send a official email to my id but he refused to send the mail saying that if u need any clarification regarding I will tell you over phone only. Also he said you deposit the amount in sbi account if any problem you face give a complaint. Also I received one ID details from him.other no 7544893780

Home shop 18
NAME: Mr. Ravirajan Raj
JOB TITLE: Advisor
ID NO: 5842183484

Complainant's Goal: Please beware of this fake calls.
Complainant's Target: Home shoap 18
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Recent Comments
2 weeks ago  Anuj sharma

Hi today got call from jamshedpur bihar he said I win lucky draw tata safari eles 126000 rs he want registration payment 6500 rs from my side then he will pay to me or delivered to me car enything. He give me account details of HOMSHOP-18.PVT.LTD A/c> 37143151590 ifsc.code.sbin 0000221 this and said today offers for registration if you pay then you will get amount in to my account and also said my name shows on tv show after 1 hours registration. When I called to hs18 coustmorcare he said fake call froud call don't believe this what was that because i got msg from.hs18 Dear sir Congratulation
You are product order home shop.18 company At home sopping tv show
Your name to open the luky drw TATA SAFARI 1260000
The charge of your REGISTRATION Service pay
This is valid for today please call. 9065013327 this thing to me I am confused it is real air fake. They just want 6500 rs thats it..plz help

2 weeks ago  amanpanwar

Hi my self aman panwar

2 weeks ago  shaik hussain

At morning i got a call that we won a car and they told me to deposit the amount of 6600rs to the acount and they gave me a whatsapp number till now he is making acalls to me wether it ia true of false i am not sure so want to know the details plz help out from thia

2 weeks ago  Tazuddin

Today morning I also have received similar message from DM-HMSHOP. Then I got a call form 8406838633. I asked him to send me a mail. He didn't have my email id although he was claiming to be a homeshop 18 agent. These kind of fraud activity are increasing day by day. Govt should take some action immediately to stop those activities. It is very easy to track those people if police want.

2 weeks ago  Adnan Ali

I just received a same message and the registration fee was 6600,after some investigation I found this complaint and I asked him to send an official email but he refused saying that they'll give information on WhatsApp,thanks for alerting us. I got 3 calls - +918434842654,+918084130032,+919507790929 and in one of those calls he told me to WhatsApp on this no 9931090081 my account number. One landline number was also there 18002123940.
He told me to hurry up and deposit the amount on his number.
In the last number given (not the landline one) he was talking with such a disrespect and I also warned him to behave, then he abused and I ended the call.
Thanks for the alert call
Mr. Ravirajan Raj

2 weeks ago  रवि रंजन राज

अगर आपको "टाटा सफारी लकी ड्रा" के कोई जानकारी चाहिए तो प्लीज़ कॉल:- 8298197677 टाइम:- 24x7 days
बेस्ट रिगार्ड :- रविरंजन राज (Advisor of Homeshop18)

2 weeks ago  Darshan Shetti

I got the same message, the only thing being that the deposit / registration amount mentioned was Rs. 9999.

Below Contact Nos given:
07461891535 / 18001205677

Warm Regards,
Darshan Shetti

2 weeks ago  RAVI RANJAN

अगर आपको "टाटा सफारी लकी ड्रा" के कोई जानकारी चाहिए तो प्लीज़ कॉल:- 8298197677 टाइम:- 24x7 days
बेस्ट रिगार्ड :- रविरंजन (Advisor of Homeshop18)

2 weeks ago  RAVi ranjan


If you want any information about this lucky draw "TATA SAFARI LUCKY DRAW" call at 8298197677
Best regard :- Ravi ranjan

2 weeks ago  Madhu

Hello.. I also got same call....

2 weeks ago  KAIRAV GOYAL

Hey guys i received the same calls 3 days in a row saying that you have won a tata safari and they ansked for my account number.
But, the problem is that they know everything about my order that i have placed.
So please help me guys.

2 weeks ago  Hemant

I got a call from HomeShop18 from Bihar Jharkhand it was saying that your name was gone in lucky draw and you get the Tata Safari I sent 1200000 rupees to your account you give me 12000 rupees of registration and when I call to real site of HomeShop18 they will said to me that it was froud and ignore it but the they was irritating me that please send me 12000 rupees and he will also give me account number and his phone number

2 weeks ago  Rahul Gahlot

hi friends, today morning i got a message from homeshop 18 that you have won a Tata safari either you can take car or cash amount of 1200000 if you want to avail the offer then you have to register with an amount money of 12000, and after registration the amount will be transfer to your account number.

I called the number that was given in the message(180030029350)(9631580534) and inquired for the product that i ordered, but they don't had any clue regarding this then they asked me about my no and told me that you have won a Tata safari, I asked them to send me their official email id but they refused and said that i you want any information they will send it by message. And after asking some more questions regarding this the call was disconnected.

So, i advise people to not get trapped in this kinds of spams.

2 weeks ago  Deepak Verma

Hi Guys,
Since mornig i am getting the same calls from a guy saying you got first prize in our lucky draw. and you won a Tata safari either you can take car or cash of Rs. 1206000.

But before that you need to deposit an amount of Rs 12600 in companys advisor account of SBI bank.
when i probed some question and they answered...?
Q. how did you come to know my detail.....?.
A.They said we are from prize department and we got your infromation from our other department.

Q.which product i shopped from home shop 18....?
A. They said we have no information you can call back on the No. you recieved call. they will inform the detail of product you shopped.

Q.Where is this information published on home shop 18 website so that i can check and assured....?
A they said we dont publish this infrormation on our website and you have to believ us because we inform all this on call only. when i tried to inquired more they disconnected the call because they know they are fraude and they could not answere any question.

so beware of these kinds of fraude call.

when i crossed inquiired with home shop 18 customer care. they flatly denied that they dont make any kind of calls to customer regarding any luccky draw . if there is any then is is publised on our website.

now the question ariesd. How our infromation ,contact No,and the address detail is done public which is illegal and there might be some persone from homeshop 18 who has leaked the data of customeres to these fraude people. This is a privacy issue and i would definetly take up this matter and raise an FIR against the people calling from different No and against the home shop 18 that how our information has reveled.

2 weeks ago  Pinku bora

Homeshop18 kya mera tata safari gari winners hu thori der pehle muje ak call aaya tha 1st win ghusna ki thi information to me mail