Sun Direct - SUN direct dish re-alignment
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Complaint by: Arun on January 26, 2011, 12:59 pm in Satellite and Cable TV

I am using sun direct connection for past 2 years. 4 months back i received a message saying that all subscriber should change the STB and re-align the dish to get the channels and customer care would contact us & send technician to do this work for free of cost but nothing happened in my case. I called customer care many times(more than 20 times) but there is no proper response and they always says that they will send a technician to re-align the dish. i was cheated by them saying the same sentence again and again. This is happening since oct 2010. Also i sent them more than 10 emails to nodal officers in Andhra pradesh, tamil nadu, mumbai and kerala but nobody responded to my emails, if needed, i can provide the emails.

card no. 41143210155
Location: Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Madhapur
request given to sun direct in oct 2010:


Today(26th Jan 2011) registered another complaint: 274006

I have lost money without seeing any channels in these 3 months. Also they are cheating their customer by not meeting the Service Level Agreement. Never seen such a worst customer service in my life.

Complainant's Goal: Dish had to be realigned, credit my money back and extend the validity
Complainant's Target: Sun Direct
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad

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