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Complaint by: Amit Kumar on February 10, 2016, 11:42 am in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Mahindra Team,

Before you go ahead and read my mail, let me tell you that I am very very unhappy with my car and services provided by workshop people in Delhi. I am totally annoyed and frustrated right now that how come just in 3 years a car like XUV’s life can come to an end. I have faced big time problems in my business, personal life & family because of my vehicle. I have ayurved medicine business in Delhi, Punjab and Dehradoon and I purchased the vehicle considering safety, security, luxury and my frequent out of Delhi visits. I had always been proud owner and did lot of word of mouth advertisement for XUV but everyone those are associated with me have come to know the reality and recently they have turned down their opinions too, about Mahindra.

I was a proud owner of Mahindra XUV 500 W8, September 2012, DL 12CA 2954. However the feeling of being owner of a great vehicle has diminished. During last 2 to 3 months I have faced issues with vehicle which I could never expect. The car is breakdown 4 times and every time I am advised the same reason “engine immobilize”. When I asked the reason, I have been advised that some electrical fault, some electrical fuse didn’t worked and an error in computer showed something related to engine and we have sorted out that error code. Means – No clarity of what is the fault, where is the fault and no action is being taken to rectify is completely. Because of this ignorance of workshop I have faced very tough & challenging time. High time inability of technicians – I must say. Before you believe me – Please read the complete email.

1st time my car broke down when I came out of morning walk from park and tried to start but it didn’t. That time I faced big time challenge coz I didn’t know whats the exact issue. Assuming that its been 3 years and it might be battery issue, first I tried to make it jump start from other vehicle but it didn’t. Then i collected few people to push and start but no use. I made a call to workshop and Wazirpur workshop guys arranged a crain and from Golemarket in Delhi, my car was towed to wazirpur. I was charged 2000 rs for crain services. Before crain came and towed, 4 hours had already been spoiled. Anyways, car went to workshop and Mohammad Akhtar called up to advise that there was some computer coding error coming up, we have resolved it. I enquired about the reason and wat if it will again persist ? He answered saying “No” it will never persist again. Mr. Mohammad Akhtar said that since its time of close working hours i cannot deliver your vehicle doorstep, you have to come half way to pick it up. Showing courtesy to others life I agreed and went to pick up vehicle. Most annoying thing which happened there was when Akhtar handed over me my vehicle and I again started it, It didn’t start. I was shocked because he had charged me 2200 rs bill also. I was filled with anger coz I paid 2200 rs for nothing and before that 2000 rs crain charges to means 4200 rs for nothing. Mr. Akhtar advised me that Sir you have get your battery changed, it is old now (Why he advised me to change the battery, coz I disclosed my feeling to him earlier as this may be battery issue).He advised, technical problem is resolved but it’s a battery issue. Next day I went and purchased original Amaron battery from Connaught Place with bill and get it fixed. Car has started up and running, I also realized by now that it was battery issue. But then if it was a battery issue why the hell workshop charged me 2200 rs. This was the first incident where the actual root cause of problem could have been identified and resolved but completely ignored by wazirpur workshop.

2nd Incident Occurred right after 1 month and same technical issue. I had to rush for Dehradoon for one of my very important business meeting and car was not starting. I was filled with anger with this big mean machine. This time I was more aware, so called up crain immediately and decided not to send it to wazirpur workshop and send it to Shree Durga Automobiles, Rama Road, Moti Nagar, Delhi, workshop instead. Crain services charged me 1500 rs to drop my car at workshop. There Mr. Rohit kept my car for a day and charged me 1700 rs for resolving a computer error code in engine. They also denied to deliver my vehicle at my doorstep saying they are having lack of drivers. I went upto workshop to pick my car. Later I went to know that they always give same excuse that they are having lack of drivers, I don’t the reason why ?

3rd Incident took place right after 20 days when I was driving near Shankar Road, New Delhi and stopped on a redlight, turned off my car ignition to save fuel and same drama starts again. I had to called up crain services immediately, was charged again 1500 rs to drop my car to Shree Durga. This time I specifically request Mr. Rohit to completely check the root cause of this problem and do not send the car until the issue is completely resolved. He kept car for almost 3 days. This time also when I asked to deliver it to my doorstep, they denied giving the same excuse (drivers not available) but since I was in fever, I repeatedly convince them on behalf of my weak health ad they delivered the car.

4th incident took place within 20 days of 3rd incident when I came out of one meeting and wanted to rush for another one on Sunday at janakpuri. As I came in parking to start the car, drama continued. Can you imagine my feelings now ? I pushed the car with the help of parking guys assuming it will start but of no use. Then called up crain, they again charged 1500 rs to drop it to Shree Durga. Such an immense time wastage, business loss, mental instability, anger and negativity in life is occurring just only coz of workshop team inability to recitify the issue. Yesterday, 9th Feb 2016, Mr. Vinay who is taking care of my car in absence of Rohit called me inform that your vehicle may take 2 to 3 more days to resolve this issue and we have changed one wiring which is going to cost you 2200 rs as of now, if any other changes will be there, the cost will rise.

Do you guys know what impact these incidents have made in my life in last few months ? They are as :
1. My trust over such a premium luxury car is demolished.
2. My trust over Mahindra’s reputation has gone down, drastically.
3. Negative energy has flown into my life.
4. Monetarily business losses – sitting at home whenever car is breakdown & at workshop.
5. Huge Time loss
6. My own reputation loss – commitment failure in my business.
7. Physical exertion – Whenever problem occurs I have to push pull car to manage with traffic conditions.
8. Mental exertion
9. Money loss – Have spent 6500 only on crain services, Charged approx 4000 rs by workshops. More than 10,000 rs already lost and that too for nothing.
10. Mahindra’s XUV has lost trust of my family too as a great car.

Tell me who will be responsible for all these losses. I am a positive person but you cannot checked someone’s patience to such an extent. I have never complaint on 1st or 2nd or 3rd incident, I am complaining when my patience has actually broke down. It’s a bloddy 4th time incident. I was keeping patience and trusting everyone’s ability associated with this matter but this is high time, literally high time. I need immediate resolution of my car, an immediate action, right away.

Hope to have a quickest action from Mahindra’s team.

Amit Kumar
E-28, Type II, Near south Moti Bagh
Nanakpura, New Delhi 110021
Car : XUV 500 – Pearl White color, September 2012 Model, W8 Variant
Number : DL 12 CA 2954

Complainant's Goal: To completely identify and rectify the issue with car inspite of charging high
Complainant's Target: Mahindra and Mahindra
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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