Mahindra and Mahindra - Complete Dissatisfaction of Service
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Complaint by: Jagadeesh on April 8, 2011, 11:44 am in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Hi M&M,

I am joining the elite group of those dissatisfied customers present across this country and still using your company manufactured, much publicized, your market saviour vehicle SCORPIO.

I gave my Vehicle (TN-04 R 6162) for a regular maintenance service (70,000KM) with few more complaints related to AC & seating alignment on 26/02/2011 (Saturday) to your esteemed dealer MPL Motors, Vadapalani, Chennai.

The Service Advisor (Ranjith) noted down my complaints in the Job sheet and for seat alignment and parts had requested me to give some time to fix. Since i want the complaints to be resolved, told him to take 6 days time which he accepted and promised to deliver. The next day, he called me and told there are some more complaints in the vehicle which may cost close to 25,000 rs / - for which he wanted my approval. I gave him the approval the very next day. But on the 6th day when i checked whether the vehicle is ready for delivery, i was told it will take some more time. Also, he wanted to know whether i would like to get the broken front wind shield to be replaced through insurance for which i asked him the formality. I didn't get any response back on the formality to be followed for the next 4 days. On Wednesday, i went with the docs for insurance claim, where i was told it is not sufficient to process insurance. I was frustrated, as after following up for 4 days and confirming on the documentation required, all my effort to travel from home to service center gone waste. No one to compensate that?..

My agony continued after that also.The SE called me after 14 days and said the vehicle is ready for delivery believing the same i went with full cash of 58,000rs/- and pushed to my extreme frustration level when i inspected the vehicle and found out that almost all the complaints i gave unattended!!!!!!!!..........

What to do?? at that point i thought i could have learned Car Mechanism......

My question here is: If none of the visible problem was rectified, how i believe that your service would have carried out other complaints?

I returned home without the Vehicle but with complete disappointment!!!!!!!!!

After 4 further days of time, they delivered the vehicle at my home, believe me or not in the same condition as what i saw 4 days earlier!!!!!!!

I don't want to use the word frustration as already mentioned i had reached the height of the same.

I told them i cannot pay un-till all my problems are rectified,for which the SE & the driver threatened of going to police and file a case against me.

" I guess nowadays one who does all wrong has got the right to go to police???"

I told them do whatever they wanted to do, i cannot pay. After 2 days, their manager (Vaidhyanathan) called and promised that will take good care!! of the vehicle and will deliver in proper condition.

Finally after 23 days of struggle, i was told to collect the vehicle on 04/04/2011 morning 9:00AM IST. When i went there found my vehicle in a unclean condition.Thought myself that i could clean it, but when i checked further, found that few more complaints were still not done. I waited for 4 hrs to finally get my hand on the vehicle. But, still the vehicle is having problem with AC, when i pointed it to their manager, he told me that it is a minor problem and he could do a service sometime later with discount.

Hope you all would have read till now.

To register my (donno what to put)..called up your feedback cell -- 1800226006 and told whatever i faced. That guy (Gaurav) promised me that the Area Manager / Service Manager from Mahindra will connect me within a days time to resolve the issue and gave me a complaint number KD05/0236. but as expected none reached me so far!

Would like to know,

Whether your Aim is to make Money alone?
Are you people becoming deaf & dumb once your vehicle is sold?
Is that you think that "what will happen if one is going to shout like this"?
Dont you want me to buy another Scorpio (i considered myself proud to own one till this incident - Now will definitely wont think or recommend)
What is the action that will be taken against the Dealer / SM for making one of your customer wait for 23days and finally delivering the vehicle with complaints unresolved?

Will doing service later with discount will solve the very basic motto of your Hamesha?

Would recommend you to remove your advertisement on "Hamesha" with so many good lines which your dealers never mind to follow.

Thanks & regards,
Your highly disappointed

Complainant's Goal: To Get my vehicle properly serivced
Complainant's Target: Mahindra and Mahindra
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai

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