Mahindra and Mahindra - Issues in Mahindra Scorpio & Harrassmen​t by Mahindra Motors
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Complaint by: v43varun on April 3, 2013, 11:49 am in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I purchased the proclaimed flagship model of Mahindra Motors Scorpio VLX Top Model on 02-09-2011 and paid around Rs. 1200000.00 from my hard earned money and Bank loan. the payment included cost of accessories Teflon Coating, Roof A/C, Scuff Plates, Front Back Guards.

1.As per the details submitted by Koncept Mahindra the vehicle was with Alloy Wheels, but to my utter dismay at the time of delivery 1 wheel given was normal. On my objection and refusal to accept, it was promised that I will get that Alloy wheel at an earliest possible date. On 21-10-2011 Koncept Person visited my office to change the wheel, they took the vehicle to their workshop and shockingly I received a call from Mahindra to pay Rs. 9500=00 for the change. No such deal was ever discussed or conveyed during this 2 month period. It is clear that I am being cheated by this fraudulent behaviour of Koncept Mahindra, NOIDA. Now they are saying i should have discussed about alloy wheel at the time of sales initiation, when company brochure and website clearly stated that this is a fully loaded model with alloy wheels, it should have been provided. Asking money for that after 2 months of purchase was clearly cheating.
2.Dealer offered me discounts, which never was reflected in my invoices, even the warranty cards for teflon and a/c is not provided despite my regular followups for 2 months.
3.It should also be noted that the yellow paper No. pasted on the front and back were different on delivery date and I was checked by the Traffic Police for it on the very same day of taking delivery, on contacting Koncept Mahindra they simply said "Sorry" it was by mistake. Moreover, I have been charged Rs. 2000 for temporary No. , which was never given to me and I got my No. on very next day from my own resources.
4.Extended warranty papers was also pending and despite repeated assurances no one from Koncept Mahindra made an effort to make that available to me. They even went to an extent that i never opted for the same, when i confronted Dealear officials with paper proof where they themselves wrote that it will be provided Mahindra agreed to give the same, and same was handed over to me after 8 months of vehicle purchase.
5. Vehicle is having problem in gear box and within 3 months of purchase it has gone to dealer workshop 6 times, still problem persits. Mahindra even promised to pay Rs.1000 per day for the period they kept my vehicle for repair, but even after submission of bills of Rs.6000 to dealers officials the same was not cleared and the same is pending for over 8 months now.
8. 40% discount was offered on insurance which is not refleted on the insurance papers received.
9. Blue vision lamps are not provided in the vehicle as discussed during sales initiation.
10. Invoices of different amount were given to me for accessories, quote was given of different amount. Even they failed to provide warranty cards for roof a/c fitted additionally from Mahindra despite repeated assurances.
11. Colour of plastic is fading and bull guards fitted by them at a charge of 12000 has got rust all around it in the first 3-4 months, but despite repeated requests the same was not even looked into.

In view of the above stated issues during, entire purchase and ownership experience was spoiled. they have cheated me financialy and on various other points.

I mailed to every level including CEO, Chairman of Mahindra Motors but those were also neglected by them and no one seems bothered, they all seems to be part of this wrong doing to me. Please help in getting things sorted and help in getting vehicle replaced.

I escalated the matter to Jago Grahak Jago forum as well, and despite their regular followups Mahindra Motors din't even bothered to address the concerns. Now Jago Grahak Jago forum officials have suggested me after 8 months to take up the matter in Consumer Forum. Matter was required to be dealt with care but approach of Mahindra Motors is unacceptable and i want to have a strong action against them.

Complainant's Goal: I want to be paid for damages and want replacement of my vehicle.
Complainant's Target: Mahindra and Mahindra
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGhaziabad

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Recent Comments
Fri, 22 Sep 2017  Deepak Dutt

Dear Varun,
I am also planning to sue them in court, so need some advice from you reg the same and also shame them on social and digital media.Pls share ur contact no. on my email.
Deepak Dutt

Wed, 11 Jun 2014  vimlesh katiyar

i purchased a car bolero car top model bs4 in vc motor kanpur. i do full payment and issued in voice and when i ask about registation paper than vc motor demand more 6thosand money extra charge .I already pay all payment as required on road price.when purchased car .it seems vc motor can not satisfy customer.and vc motor engaged in barbing customer .so plz consider it matter and give instruction to make registation no in which customer may happy with mahindra service .
vimlesh katiyar

Wed, 08 May 2013   Message By Complainant VARUN SOOD

Hi Tanuja, yes the same feedback I have received and observed of many other Mahindra vehicle owners and I am going ahead with filing the case in Consumer Court.

Fri, 03 May 2013  Tanuja P

Same case here with M & M. I believe this is standard practice with M&M. I was cheated, harassed, threatened and blackmailed. I sent quite a few emails to Mr.Anand Mahindra's office with success.

Sat, 27 Apr 2013   Message By Complainant Varun Sood

Details already forwarded many times in past 2 years time, latest being on April 22, 2013 having subject line as "Please Help_Varun".
I do understand that this is a public forum and that is why I am forced to make things known to everyone in public.
Atleast take time to read into concerns and revert back on mails, had you guys been responding to mails I would have not been made harassed like this.

Fri, 12 Apr 2013  MahindraAuto

Hi Varun,Please mail your relevant details to - including a brief description of the issue - so that we can investigate and resolve the matter at the earliest. Alternately, please give your contact details (but please note that this is an open public forum ) so that we can contact you