Mahindra and Mahindra - Faulty Cluth of Brand New XUV W10 AWD
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Complaint by: Sarabjit Singh on July 14, 2015, 9:24 am in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Good Morning ( to say the least) ,

The more excited and happy n satisfied i was to buy the new XUV , the more rude shock i received .

Not even a month has passed that i have been zooming in my new XUV that rude shocks started hitting me.

1) All of a sudden the Hill Control instructions come up and vanish when driving even on a straight road
2) The front charging point refuses to charge
3) Alarm asking me to STOP while reversing even when no objects are 1 km in the range of the car
4) The car pulling to the right side when driving at speeds of 70 to 80 km/hr , indicating a major problem with the alignment

Little things like this when reported to the Relationship manager and the Person who visited my premises to give the demo , i was asked to wait till my first free service and then it will be looked into.

Thats for all the Good Service of Sireesh Auto and Mahindra as a Brand.

The story goes for a beserk and a pathetic outlook when on Saturday i was driving with my family on Hosur Road , the Clutch of the car suddenly went down and a burning smell started emanating from within the car itself.

I had heard stories of the families getting choked up in the car and the car burning in the middle of the road.

I got so scared i hurriedly opened all the windows , parked the car and whole family came out of the car.

I opened the bonnet of the car and still the smell kept coming as if sumthing is about to go miserably wrong.

Hurriedly i called the Mahindra Road Assistant and got the car towed to their nearest service station in Electronic city at 10pm in the night.

I was scared for the safety of my family as the event could have turned into a tragedy as well.

I do not know whats wrong with this vehicle but i need answers :

1) Was i a sitting tragedy for you guys.
2) Why should i not post this review of mine with the media
3) Why should i not file an FIR against Mahindra who could have led to a major tragedy in my life
4) Why was this not addressed when bought to the notice of Sireesh Auto and i was asked to wait till first service
5) Why should i drive the same vehicle again

The car is in your electronic city service station and i am actually fearful of driving this vehicle again

Await to hear from you .

Sarabjit Singh

Complainant's Goal: Replacement n Compensation
Complainant's Target: Mahindra and Mahindra
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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