Mahindra and Mahindra - Delivery and the behaviure of service adviser
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Complaint by: on June 5, 2015, 8:13 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

this is very unfortunate that i have purchased M&M car due to Indian company from Shiva Auto, Patperganj, Delhi and i want to invest my money only with Indian car company, i have earlier Tata car but i prefer Mahindra, now the points of interesting is this, that my car got rusting with in two month of purchase time in co driver side in the bottom of door due to defective paddle lamp, when i point it out during my first service job card with adviser at Shiva Auto Service centre, Shahibabad, Mr.Vikram Mohan, he noted down, and tell us that He will make the treatment from their body shop, but at the time of delivery when i checked up the rusting point, it is in original position even my car get back after two days back, when i asked the delivery boy he simply reply i don't know talk to adviser when called up his cell number is switch off, any way i send back the car workshop to get it repair and refused to take delivery, when i called next day to check what is the status of repair of my car, adviser replied me very politely, "sir, i request you please take delivery and get the car to our body shop at our other service centre of their own branch that is shiva auto ghaziabad, where you will get your car ready within 1 and half hour, i have taken all approval and you will be free within two hour" so being a human nature i accept his request and take the delivery of my car on next day, at 4 pm when i came to ready go to ghaziabad with the delivery driver he told me that kindly inform my service adviser then only if he will say i will came with you, i said ok, i called up adviser, he simply reply sir if you will go to body shop today it will be close with in next two hour. so please don't go today you may go tomorrow onward at any day just inform me. i went to workshop next day i found adviser Mr. Vikram Mohan was on leave, and i have been attended at the door of work shop by Mr. Vikky, he told very funny thing that your complaint will be attended only by the service adviser Mr. Vikram, and he is on leave so you please come tomorrow in the mean time i have spoken to Mr Vikram on his cell he also confirmed me but he said you may go to body shop where Mr. Sunil Rathor will attend you and will rectify the same, when i reached after 30 minnut drive i called up Mr. Rathor he came to me and said this will rectify on your payment, i was shocked and i called back to Mr. vikram, he told sir you came back i will rectify your vehicle.
i told him that Mr. vikram i will going out of station in Saturday night, before that i want to get my car ready he just reply, ok no issue i will do. on Friday i called up so many time till 12 noon but cell of Mr. vikram was going switch off, when i called up CRM he confirmed me that Mr. vikram is in workshop so you please come he will rectify the issue i have came at workshop on 12.30pm but till 1.30pm no body has attended me, since it is already confirmed me yesterday that only Mr. vikram will attend me, so i have no choice other than waiting for him, after a wait of 1.5hr final i meet with Mr. vikram i told him there are one more issue that turning light of driver side is not working and paddle lamp also to be replace he said ok it will do, i request him my half day has wasted so please get me drop to my office and get car ready and drop the same in evening hours, this i have also confirmed to delivery driver.
But till 6.30pm i have not got my car when i called up he reply part is not available and the car will get delivered only on next day, i tell him sir i don't have any conveyance to go back to my home he said ok come at workshop and get car back without repair i was shocked once again.
My question is, 'if Mahindra and Mahindra have this type of the Policy of handling the customer after sales, if this is the right policy than sorry to say i have done mistake and also decided that in future i will not purchase any mahindra vehicle in my family and till life. and also not refer to any of my friend circle of customer to purchase the same brand.

Complainant's Goal: i want my delivery of car on time
Complainant's Target: Mahindra and Mahindra
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGhaziabad

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Recent Comments
Wed, 04 May 2016  M.V.V.S.N.RAJU

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry to say that your Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd in Vijayawada are not attending the proper procedures. As i have sent my Mahindra Xylo AP 37 BE 2599 for servicing through my Friend on 16/2/16 who have 75 lorry trucks and his vehicles are running to Fedex And Gati Transport. He have good knowledge in mechanical side. He has given the vehicle problems and written in Job card and his mobile number and my mobile numbers are also noted. After that he is frequently visiting and contacting over phone for status of the vehicle. When ever he calls your work shop person Mr. Chakravarthi is telling that it will be completed with in few days. And some times he is telling that they are waiting for spare parts. Till now the vehicle is not completed and he is not responding if we call.
it is not good as a company like Mahindra.
. Hear after we cannot purchase the Mahindra Vehicle and i will tell my friends also. For last 15 years i have used, Maruthi, Tata, Toyota and Ford. We never faced any problem in servicing. please arrange to complete the servicing and deliver the car.


Wed, 24 Feb 2016  Rahul kumar

Dear sir main ara rohit automobile se kuv100 book 19th January ko Kiya tha sells executive bola ki delivery 30th January ko kar dunga but main jab call Kiya ke dd banwalu to way bole ki ab 15 ko dunga main bola ki thik hain but wo 15 ko nahi dunga to main 16th feb ko agency me gaya to wo bole ke ki aap dd banwa lo 24feb ko finally delivery Kar dunga wo vhi main man liya but jab main unehe call 23feb ko call kiya to wo bole ki abhi gardi nahi de pauga main dd vhi banwa le sir aap hi koi solutions nikalo

Sat, 20 Feb 2016  Sunil K Singh

Dear Sir,

I have purchased Mahindra XUV 500 limited edition in the year July 2014 from Ralas Motors Raipur (Registration No. CG 18 J 8192). I have completed all the servicing timely from Ralas Motors itself, and was more than happy with the performance of my vehicle and had no complaints at all.

However, after running for more than 30000 KMs I felt that wheels of the vehicle have wore out more than they should, hence I thought of verifying the status of the vehicle with my nearest Mahindra service center M/S Balaji Motors, Jagdalpur. Unfortunately it has turned to be a blunder for me because of which I am still unable to get the same kind of pleasure I used to have in riding my vehicle.

I am definitely not happy with the quality of service offered by M/S Balaji Motors, instead of resolving the issues I have raised M/S Balaji Motors have created many new problems and have landed my vehicle in a total mess. Sir, I would like to narrate my bad experience with this service station hereunder, and would like to invite your kind attention over the issue and also to favor me with adequate compensation as reasoned below:-

• I left my vehicle for getting my doubts confirmed whether the wheels are getting unusually worn out, at M/S Balaji Motors on 22/10/2015.
• I was delivered my vehicle back on 27/10/2015, I was told that shockups of the vehicle are damaged and need to be replaced. I was further told that they do not have shockups in stock and that they would replace the shockups later.
• I observed lots of error messages in the vehicle there after like Engine Error, Balloon Error and excessive vibration in vehicle etc. after this servicing.
• I hence, once again toll my vehicle to the same service center immediately on 28/10/2015, and have explained all the problems and asked them to resolve the same.
• I was delivered my vehicle on 03/11/2015 at 7 PM after replacing the shockups, as I was to go towards Raipur the same day on some work; I directly picked up the vehicle from Jagdalpur and proceeded towards Raipur. It was a nightmarish ride for me as soon as started from Jagdalpur even before I can travel 50 KMs I observed many screws and bolts falling inside and outside of the vehicle, and vehicle started extremely vibrating. I patiently drove my vehicle to Raipur some how and took almost 12 Hours to cover just 300 KMs of distance.
• Once reaching Raipur I straight away took my vehicle to Ralas Motors, Raipur and have handed over it for thorough checkup and servicing. Observations of Ralas Motors, Raipur were as under :-
o I was told that some House Pipe of the steering in my vechile has been replaced (at M/S Balaji Motors during previous servicing) with a spare of Scorpio vehicle.
o All the nuts and bolts of the vehicle were found loose.
o Dashboard of the vehicle, and steering have been unnecessarily opened and were incompetently dealt at M/S Balaji Motors.
o None of these spares were properly tightened due to which the control box located just beneath the steering (which is used for controlling the upper, dipper lights etc) was not at all screwed properly and hence had fallen down.
o M/S Balaji Motors had further advised me to get the steering’s house pipe to be replaced with genuine spare from M/S Balaji Motors itself.
• I further took my vehicle to M/S Balaji Motors on 23/11/2015 and had the service engineer to talk with the service engineer at M/S Ralas Motors, Raipur over telephone. I also asked M/S Balaji Motors to undertake the service that is due after 40000 KMs. However even this experience was not at all good for us and we started experiencing the below detailed problems.
o Vehicle started pulling a side
o Engine Error light started appearing continuously on dash board
o Wiper started moving automatically and had gone out of control
o Vehicle started giving excessive vibration, including the engine and unusual noise throughout the vehicle.
o Doors stopped locking till we apply heavy pressure to close.
o Apart from the above even the bill that is given to us against 40000 servicing was a hand written bill amounting to Rs. 8787/- (Bill No. 210)
• I called the service manager M/S Balaji Motors on the immediate next day and narrated him the troubles we are going through. I was told by him that they presently do not have a good service engineer and hence suggested me to bring my vehicle after some days when they inform us about the arrival of a good mechanic.
• I kept on visiting M/S Balaji Motors Jagdalpur both to complaint about the status of my vehicle and to inquire whether a competent engineer had arrived or not. I was kept always told that they are yet to get a good engineer to deal with the problem.
• Meanwhile I have also registered my unhappiness with the review call I received from Mahindra.
• Having found my vehicle totally not drivable, on 9th Feb 2016 I again left it at Balji Motors Jagdalpur for servicing. He returned the vehicle on the very same day with some eye was servicing and this time onwards A/C and heater of the vehicle stopped working in bonus, apart from all the existing problems that were strongly surviving.
• This time Manager of M/S Balaji Motors have advised me to take my vehicle to Ralas Motors Raipur as they do not have sufficient trained hands to deal with it.
• I have handed over my vehicle on 15th Feb 2016 at M/S Ralas Motors Raipur for proper servicing. Observations of Ralas Motors service engineer were as under :-
o All the other problems were amicably resolved however he told us that there was a leakage of gas of A/C due to loose fitting (by M/S Balaji Motors), hence the gas has been filled once again for which we were charged.
o Control panel has been totally damaged which is needed to be changed at the earliest, due to which though A/C is working somehow it’s not the same as it used to be earlier added to this the heater is totally non functional as on date.
o We were told to replace the Control Panel (which may cost us Rs. 11,500/-) to resolve the problem totally.
• As I felt the Control Panel is damaged due to none of our faults, I thought of bringing that matter to the knowledge of M/S Balaji Motors and to request them to compensate the cost of the said spare.
• The response of Manager M/S Balaji Motors , Jagdalpur has been very shocking to me and was totally irresponsible. He said me very bluntly that I may complaint to anybody and that he is least worried for it, and that they neither compensate nor own any responsibility for all that has gone wrong with my vehicle.
• I have made my displeasure over the issue known to Mahindra’s PRO on 16th Feb 2016, yet no seeming action has been taken so far that may satisfy my anguish.

Sir, when we choose such a costly vehicle to purchase, the first thing we would look for is the quality of service that is available at nearby places. Quality of the service further enhances the efficiency of the vehicle and makes the vehicle more acceptable in today’s competitive world. I am simply shocked at the behavior of the Service Manager of M/S Balaji Motors, and my main motive of sharing my this bitter experience with you is to enable you understand how people may down the reputation of your company with their irresponsible, unprofessional behavior. Will I be able to suggest any of my friend to purchase Mahindra XUV hereafter is to anybody’s guess, and you also can guess how bitter was my experience after spending a hefty Rs. 15,00,000/- to purchase the vehicle and the quality of service I am offered thereafter.

I, hence would like to request your kind intervention in this matter, though not for just addressing my own grievance but also to arrest the damage that is posed for your company’s reputation amid its customers due to the negligence of the company’s support mechanism. I still consider Mahindra the best brand in the country, but with this kind of support staff, I doubt where my favorite company may end up in the cutthroat competition out there.

Awaiting a fitting action from your end sir,

With Warm Regards,

Sunil K Singh,
SADA Complex,
Bus Stand Dantewada.