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At the outset I humbly request everyone to kindly dedicate your precious time reading this post. Please share this and help me in my quest for justice.

This unfortunate incident took place on 11/10/2013. I had to rush home Haflong in Assam to see my ailing mother. The desperate call from my brother left me restless. My flight SG 893 of Spice Jet scheduled for 3.20pm got delayed by 40 minutes. The fear of long traffic jams accompanied by heavy downpour early that day in Delhi prompted me to leave for airport quite early. I checked in around 1.15pm and got my boarding pass. Seeing the commotion and passengers in queue for other destinations the thought crossed my mind….what if Spice Jet misplace my bag and to top that put a wrong tag on my bag. My eternal optimism and confidence gave away my doubts and fears. Reassured myself nothing like this has ever happened and most likely will not happen. Murphy’s law seemed to be working hard to prove itself. Whenever I travel I usually keep my valuables in the hand bag. But on this unfortunate day I was carrying a hand bag small enough to barely accommodate my purse. I have an innate fear of flying. For the first time in life I had the most comfortable and fear free flight, sleeping throughout. May be God was preparing me for the worst awaiting upon my arrival in Guwahati Airport. After landing I proceeded towards the conveyor belt no.2 and stood there waiting for my baggage. All passengers left with their respective baggage and I desperately kept glazing at the empty conveyor belt hoping my bag must be on the way. Finally, I approached the Spice Jet counter and complaint about my lost baggage. They called 2-3 domestic airports across India enquiring about any extra luggage left out. When they could not arrive upon any conclusion about my bag they told me it will take them 12-15 hours to get any information about my lost baggage. About 3 hours had passed since landing and Guwahati Airport was closing down with no conveyance available for me to get back to the city. I requested the Spice Jet employees to give me a lift till the city…..to which they agreed after much reluctance and hesitations.

After spending sleepless night waiting for calls giving information about my bag I got back to the Airport around 2pm on 12/10/13. 20 hours had passed and Spice Jet officials were still clueless about my bag. I made a frantic call to the customer care Spice Jet in Delhi and to my horror I came to know spice jet Guwahati has not even lodged a complaint in their operating system. It was then my complaint no 267575 was lodged with Spice Jet. Spice Jet is doubtful whether the baggage was there in the Guwahati bound flight or not. How can they commit such a silly mistake when my PNR number clearly showed I was bound for Guwahati??? In an organized sector like Airlines Spice Jet’s inability to trace a bag with all the detail boarding pass is utterly ridiculous. My bag VIP black color stroller soft top contained shoes, clothes, a mobile phone, hard disc and most importantly the file containing my original educational and professional certificates from cl-x till date. Now many people may raise question as to how can I keep such an important thing in my check-in baggage??? I have quite often travelled by flight and believe nothing unfortunate will happen. And I have cited above the reason for the same.An employee of Spice Jet was audacious enough to tell me that Spice Jet will pay me 200 rupees per kg in case they fail to locate my bag. I am well aware of the instructions given to avoid keeping valuables in the check-in baggage. But does this instruction gives Spice Jet the right to handle my bag with utmost carelessness and negligence under the pretensions that nothing valuable is kept in the check-in baggage??? Just because I am a common man, not a VIP and no blue blood running in my veins Spice Jet has been handling my case with no concern at all. In the worst case scenario of my bag being permanently lost imagine the hurdles I will have to go through to gather all my documents from scratch, provided the incumbency of the entire system in our country. I am on the threshold of my career and this whole incident has left me in despair. Can Spice Jet ever compensate for the physical and mental pain I am going through??? Don’t you think compensation of Rs.200 per kilo of the lost baggage is too small a price for Spice Jet to pay for their sheer negligence and irresponsibility? Keeping everything behind I take this as a clarion call to fight for my right and therefore get justice. Please give me your valuable suggestions as to how to go about the entire case. My only hope now lies in The Consumer Court. I want Spice Jet booked for their negligence and incase of their inability to trace my bag compensate me with “the best “enough to teach themselves a lesson they will never forget.

My boarding Tag details:



11 OCT


SL-0775375090(10 KG)


Thank you,

Vasti Pangamte

Complainant's Goal: Avoid taking services of Spicejet
Complainant's Target: SpiceJet
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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