Motorola India - Defective handset - Moto Z Play
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Complaint by: Bindu on February 22, 2017, 11:58 am in Consumer Electronics

I purchased a Moto Z Play on the day it was released in India and i got the handset from the flipkart on 18 Oct 2016. Within 18 days, on 2th Nov 2016 my screen went black while charging, and Motorola service desk claimed it as physically damaged and replaced the display unit after 60 days charging me 10,500/-. Still the handset is not working. It was claimed as PCB issue and was asked to open another ticket which may take some more weeks. Even with the new display unit which was replaced, the fingerprint sensor was not working and touch screen is not fixed properly and i can view a visible gap between the display unit and the touch screen. I had my handset only for 18 days and at service center for almost 130 days. Finally they returned my handset saying cant keep it for long, will fix fingerpint sensor button when it is available. Defective piece, cant use it or trash it as i spent 25+10,500 = 35,500/-

Motorola: What kind of handset is MOTO Z PLAY? luckily i noticed the issue with the handset and immediately removed it from the charge else we could have witnessed one more dangerous incident with this handset model. Also the kind of service we get here from this brand is ridiculous and pretty slow? sometimes no response? May be they cant provide service to the new launched models, if so, should clearly mention in the warranty terms saying service will be provided after an year or so. I spent almost 15-30 mins every day talking with multiple service agents explaining the issue?

Flipkart: i got worst response from the flipkart, i was just routed to the Motorola page with out any further discussion saying they cant help?

Complainant's Goal: Refunding - handset amount + service cost
Complainant's Target: Motorola India
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshRangareddi

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