Royal Enfield - Royal Enfield delivered to me without road tax, no insurance and no temporary re
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Complaint by: Naseeb PA on October 2, 2015, 11:25 am in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Dear Sir,
It is with deep regret that I am sending this mail to inform all designated authorities about the atrocities committed by St. Mary's Motors. I am extremely shocked at the poor level of customer service offered by St. Mary's motors .
Kindly allow me to state all the details from that fateful moment When I chose to book a Royal Enfield.
On 23 November 2014, I paid St. Mary's Motors, Ernakulam a booking amount of Rs. 5,000. The model booked was a classic 350 cc. I was promised delivery of my booked vehicle within 7 months ( 23 June 2015).
From 23 November 2014 till 23 June 2015, I did not receive any mode of communication regarding delivery/status of my vehicle . On 1 September 2015, I walked into St. Mary's motors to enquire about the status of my vehicle booking . I was asked to pay Rs 49,400 immidiately since I had initially paid the booking amount of Rs 5,000. I paid Rs 49,400 on 3 September 2015. St. Marys motors informed me that the on road price of my vehicle including fitting, registration , road tax & insurance would come to Rs 1,54,400. This price also includes my loan processing fee & 1 EMI. HDFC bank successfully approved my vehicle loan amount of Rs 99,500. St. Marys motors then told me that my vehicle would be delivered within 10 working days from the moment I paid Rs 49,400. The receipt attached with this mail will confirm my payment date as 3 September 2015. This indicates that I was supposed to receive delivery of my vehicle on 15 September 2015. Again , during these 10 working days , I am sorry to say that there was no communication from St. Mary's motors to me. On 15 September 2015, I visited St. Mary's Motors again & I was informed that due to internal problems of St. Mary's motors , the bill was not prepared . This was mainly due to the carelessness of the sales executive Mr. Ashwin ( mobile number +91- 9847039800) .
When I insisted on the delivery of my vehicle on 15 September 2015, st marys motors handed over my vehicle to me on 15 September 2015 without taking temporary registration . This itself shows the irresponsible and illegal ways in which St. Mary's motors function . How can St. Mary's motors give me a vehicle without temporary registration ?

I was given temporary registration on 18 September 2015. How can St. Mary's motors sell me a vehicle on 18 September 2015 but give me delivery of the same vehicle on 15 September 2015 ? I have all documents as proof scanned & attached with this mail for your kind reference. This indicates that I was given a temporary registration only on 18 September 2015 . This incident by St. Mary's Motors has broken all laws of the Indian Government . An illegal activity once committed must be reported which is what I am doing . I do hope strict action is taken against St. Mary's motors .
Now , after all these unfortunate incidents , on 1 October 2015, I took my vehicle to RTO Mattancherry to register my vehicle . When the RTO verified my vehicle documents , it came into the limelight that my vehicle didn't have road tax from the date of delivery till 1 October 2015. This is another crime committed by St. Mary's Motors .
I called St. Mary's motors to complain regarding the non-payment of my road tax & I was given an unsatisfactory reply from St. Mary's motors . I was told that it was their ( st Mary's motors ) internal issue and they paid the road tax online on 1 October 2015.

I was made to drive my vehicle without road tax due to the negligence of St Mary's motors . Inspite of paying the required amount to st Mary's motors, I was cheated . I have also been informed by RTO ( Regional Transport Officer ) that I have been levied a fine for driving my vehicle on road without paying road tax . Road tax was supposed to be paid within 7 days from the date of delivery by St. Mary's Motors . I have documents from st Mary's motors proving all the above incidents .
Please allow me to inform you that I had to take leave on 1 October 2015 from my work to get my vehicle permanent registration number . I didn't get this on 1 October 2015. 2 October 2015 is a public holiday which has lead me to take leave from my work on 3 October 2015.

It was my dream to own a Royal
Enfield with pride but all the related above incidents has dampened my spirt & I have no words to express my dissatisfaction at the poor level of customer service provided by St. Mary's motors . St Mary's motors has caused me enough stress and moreover I was forced to pay Rs 3,800 for extra fittings even when this amount was included in the Rs 1,54,400. This clearly proves that st Mary's motors is overcharging customers and committing crime after crime .

I am pleading with all the designated & responsible authorities reading this mail to please help me . Kindly advice me what I must do next and please take appropriate & strict action against everyone responsible in this mishap.

All the relevant documents have been attached with this mail .
Awaiting a favourable reply at the earliest.

Here are the details of St. Marys Motors, Ernakulam, Kerala , India :
St. Marys Motors,
Rajaji Junction, Chittoor Road, Cochin
Mobile: 00-91-9847098866
Ernakulam - 682035. Phone: 00-91-484-2351193

Thanks in advance .
Naseeb P A
Address: 4/1522 C , Adhikarivalappu road, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Chassis No: ME3U3S5C1FK290302
Engine No: U3S5C0FK892991
Government of Kerala Motor Vehicles Department office: SRTO , Mattancherry
CRM No: NAS547665290
BATTERY NO: 321541
KEY NO : 2045
INVOICE NO: INV1103151601496
BOOKING NO: BKNG1103141502617
C.S.T NO: 030SC00059

My mobile number is 00-91-9895827705.
My e-mail address is

Complainant's Goal: Apology and compensation from Royal Enfield for overcharging me
Complainant's Target: Royal Enfield
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaErnakulam

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