Aircel Delhi - Plan not activated of Rs. 249/-
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Complaint by: pritesh571982 on March 8, 2017, 11:59 am in Telecommunications

With due respect I would like to inform you that I had recharged my mobile (+91 8802338106, Aircel), with Rs. 249/- i.e. with an unlimited pack. The same has been checked by me before proceeding further using *121# - * for next menu - 7. 249 U/L call data. Txn. No. of that particular recharge is BHR17030712122200485 and recharge of the same is successfully accepted by Aircel side too at 12:13 PM.
Before proceeding to recharge I had checked the details of Rs. 249/- recharge by dialling *121#, details of which is as follows:-
Main Bal Rs. 232.94
1. Rs6=U/L A2A (L+S)(1D)
2. Aapka Best Offer
3. VAS & SMS
4. Daily Packs
5. 3G Packs
6. Voice Packs
0 Main menu
* Next Menu

Replied - *
7. Unlimited packs
8. 2G packs
9. Rs. 5 Store
10. ROAMING packs
11. Loan Services
0 Main Menu
# Prev menu

Replied - 7
1. BADA Pack
2. CHHOTA Pack
0 Main Menu
# Prev Menu

Replied - 1
1. Rs.249=U/L call+300MB

Replied - 1
Baaten kare Non-STOP SABHI LOCAL aur STD number pe SATH hi 500MB 3G & 2G Unlimited Sirf Rs. 249 me poorey 28 din k liye. Reply with 1 to activate request
Sir, I would like to inform you that *121# is a service launched by Aircel communication channel from which we can check the latest tariff and recharge amount in details, and I checked the same also before making recharge of Rs. 249/-
As per the tariff mentioned at *121#, all Local and STD calls must be free and 500 3G + Unlimited 2G should be credited to my mentioned mobile number but Aircel didn't do so. Instead of checking their details, they are telling that my fault is there whereas I have checked the entire details carefully before proceeding to recharge.
Well, further I would like to inform you that after recharging with the said amount, call charges are being deducted yet and after each and every call my amount is being deducted from the main balance, whereas the same should not be deducted.
Well, Rs. 3.25/- has already been deducted by you, as the previous balance of my cell was Rs. 236.19/- and now it's showing Rs. 232.94/- whereas my fault is nothing.
What is wrong with Aircel system, I don't know. Since the day I have started using this SIM, facing some difficulties either for that one or for this one. Kindly look into the matter personally and do the needful because Aircel customer cares never replies promptly and quickly and refund the deducted amount. i.e. Rs. 3.25 soon, even more than that.
My enquiry is about why didn't Aircel mention that particular details at *121# services?? Would Aircel like to provide me the specification about the same? Where is my fault? Why is Aircel jumping to any conclusion without knowing the facts? I have checked the plan details using Aircel's *121# services properly before proceeding for my recharge pack.
Well, I called to Aircel customer care cell using 198 services and talked to Aircel customer care executives two times. They were not able to provide me the details of the said things, even, now they have barred my number also so that I am not able to connect with Aircel Customer Care number, i.e. 198.

Details of the conversation with Airel Customer Care are as follows:-

1st call:
Aircel executive informed me that the number, i.e. 8802338106 is not related to Aircel and Bihar & Jharkhand circle. I told him why he is sitting over there if he is not aware of the status of present number? I told him to connect me with your Sr. Executive but he disconnect my line intentionally. As, Aircel is also aware and I am writing since very beginning day about mis-conduct of their executive but neither Aircel nor its team is concerned about the same.
2nd call:
One of Aircel executives picked up the call. I spoke "hello" almost around 50 times but no reply was there. Instead of replying me, they were fighting for some issues. It was looking a FISH MARKET.

So, I am requesting you to do the needful regarding refund of Rs. 249/- or enabling the services of U/L STD + Local calls for the number, as stated earlier because mistakes were done from Aircel side, not from my side.
Sir, my request is pointed below:-
1. Either Aircel should refund my Rs. 249/-, as my fault is nothing.
2. Or Aircel should enable plan of unlimited Local + STD call and 500 3G + Unlimited 2G data pack for 28 days.
With kind regards,


Complainant's Goal: Either to refund Rs. 249 or activate the plan as mentioned
Complainant's Target: Aircel Delhi
Complaint Location: IndiaJharkhandDeoghar

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Wed, 08 Mar 2017  Aircel

Dear Customer(Pritesh571982),

We have forwarded your concern to the team. Please allow us some time to get back to you.

Kindly feel free to write to us at for any further assistance on this matter.

Thanks and Regards
Aircel Social Media Team