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Complaint by: habeeb on January 5, 2016, 11:39 am in Education and Schools

Dear sir,

One of the agents Name Srinivasa rao Maimam have played a Fraud with us he is a agent for IELTS Exams center i have received his name and number from the GOOD , he has given a Ads in which he was assured a guarantee of Getting 8 bands in IELTS 7.5 bands Guarantee
Located In : Begumpet
Type : Coaching Class
Board/Entrance Exams : TOEFL, IELTS
Subjects : Spoken English
Are you looking for Best scores in IELTS & TOEFL. We have solution for upto 7.5 bands. interested candidates feel free to contact. 100% genuine process.we assure you upto 7.5 bands. For more details please contact immediately.
srinivasarao mainam
When you call, plz mention that you found my contact info on TMD
i have his photo graph on which he has update in profile which is send you.

he has asked to deposit the amount in this Account number : given A/c No SAINI KHAGESH A/c NO 30789789253 SBI bank Pasala branch near Vizag, he has send a mail on 8 dec to send the amount
Dear Habeeb Garu,
The Account Details are as follows,
AC NUM :30789789253
DATE ON : 9th Jan (or) 23rd Jan 2016
SrinivasRao Mainam

sir i have deposited Rupees Thirthy thousand amount in his account is was been trapped its a big game many student are under this scam pls help me to get the amount i came to know today when i went to IDP office at Somajiguda the reciept of Exam what they send was trapped and edited receipt of some one and when i am calling them there are not replying at all.

I got all the Detials of the Person in whom account i have deposit the thirty thousand amount
Name of the Bank SBI
Branch PASALA branch vizag
Name of the Account holders SAINI KHAGESH
Amount Deposit on 09/dec/2015
Aadhar card number 994756046428
Phone number 9542083508
Address of account holder madevanpet pathatekkali vajrapukotturu srikakalum 5332221,
I have taken all the detials from SBI branch Manager to track him and get the amount back kindly help in this matter and to caught hold this gang.

Complainant's Goal: CATCH Them as i got suffered other should not suffer
Complainant's Target: srinivasa rao maimam
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshSrikakulam

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