100bestbuy.com - 100bestbuy a online shopping company that was fraud me to make member ofcontest
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Complaint by: SINGH on February 4, 2015, 7:28 am in Ebay Scams

Lottery, SMS, Email and Online scam letters are sent out by the thousands and thousands every day. There are only two things they want - your money and your identity. A simple mistake can lead to loss of your identity and money.

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they call me to make a member of contest and get free a pair of hand watch with a bill of that watch and a coupon that is code of a member by the courier, but a fee of Rs 899/- to the courier for the contest, if you cannot get any prize then your money return by the credit.

But i get in my credit only Rs 180 as point when i buy product its not fair.

complaint in points:
1. He told me that your money return if you cannot get any prize. they cannot return.
2. Why dont give any bill of watch with courier.
3. Why tell me lie about contest fee return to me, i cannot call him they call me about contest.
4. i am intrested in your contest only about that they return my money as credit, further i buy any product from his website to my credit.

its completely fraud company, i only want to return my Rs 899.

thanking you

Complainant's Goal: it is fraud company and i think that his product are also false about brand.
Complainant's Target: 100bestbuy.com
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryana

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