Southern Railway - working in the Rly by cheated submitted the Duplicate certificate
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Complaint by: chandran on February 20, 2010, 3:19 pm in Business and Finances

TO Date:19.2.10
The General Manager,
Southern Railway

Dear Sir,

We are complaining on Mrs.Pappu Ammal w/o S.Velayutham Rtd Rly, who is working now at Nagercoil Jn as Mechanical Helper in Mechanical Dept, under TVC Division of Southern Railway. She doesn’t know to sign her name properly but trained it by his Husband. She is not yet gone to schoolside eventhough in rainy times.

She has been joined in Rly Dept by submitted the duplicate certificates in 1982 by made fraud and forgery. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. She is the first of them. Her age is now 62.Her younger brother,third of them Mr.Lakshmanan who is also working with her has to be got retirement within 2 years .But she will be got retirement after 7 years. She has 7 years more to service.This is the clear proof to her fraud and forgery.

She has earned lot of properties by making fraud and forgery of Rly earnings.
1. She has built 12 flats in her name in Nagercoil jn for worth Rs.10lacs.
2 .She has purchased 2 acre agriculture land in her name in native for worth Rs.2lacs.
3. She has purchased recently 10 cent plot in her name at pettai near by Tirunelveli for worth Rs.2lacs
4. She has built modified bungalow in her native for worth Rs.10lacs.
5. She has Rs.20 lacs bank balance in her name.

All these properties has been earned after joined in Rly.

Kindly we request you to take necessary action on her and recover (seize) the all properties and bank balance to Rly and give the civiure punishment to her .

We hope that you will take the necessary action on her.

Your’s Faithfully

S.Kanaga Raj,
S.Vijaya Kumar,
230D, Baby villa,
Kollam. Kerala.

Complainant's Goal: to take necessary action
Complainant's Target: Southern Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaNagercoil jn

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An email communication has been sent to Southern Railway on February 24, 2010, 10:55 am