Southern Railway - I am not satisfied by the timings you maintain and the conduct of ticket checker
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Complaint by: Develop India on May 21, 2010, 4:31 pm in Indian Railways

I am an NRI working in Japan. Today, I happened to travel in EMU train from Chengelpet to Egmore in my vacation to Chennai. The behavior of the railway employees are very bad, especially the persons who check the tickets. In Japan, we can adjust our watch as per the train timings, i.e. all the trains arrive without even a minute late. The Southern Railways though can NEVER achieve such perfections, should employee atleast human beings in this organization.
During my travel, the train supposed to start at 7:25 am started only at 7:45 am. All the passengers travelling by these trains in week days are working in Chennai while residing at far places like Chengelpet, Kancheepuram or even Dindivanam. These trains should maintain decent timings atleast in week days to help these huge mass of working people reach their office in time. Frustrated by this improper timings (which happens almost daily), people inside the train started using abuse words against the Railway authorities, Ministers of the state, Chief Minister and others when two persons – one in police suit and other as a Ticket checking person, entered the train at Guindy or Mambalam station. They started checking the tickets and season passes. One passenger asked for their identity cards, which they did not mind and were very desperate to catch some one for money. One person asked these so posed checking authorities, “Sir, if some passenger travels without proper ticket, you impose fine on them. If the train does not start or arrive to a station in time, whether any provision is available for passengers to impose fine?” On hearing this, the two railway authorities took him by hand, forced him to the compartment exit talking loudly all sort of abuse words against him. They literally told, “Let me see how you are going to live in this world”. It’s mind-boggling for me how railway authorities can behave in such unpleasant manner. When some group of his colleagues intervened and argued with the two railway authorities in the train, the passenger was rescued from the hands of the uncivilized railway personal.
This complaint is being registered to this website to take some necessary action against these two railway personnel, though I am sure that this complaint will be discarded as a junk as usual like for any other complaints registered previously by many Indian citizens. Atleast, railway authorities should insist that the persons who check the tickets should wear their identity cards and should show them on demand by passengers.
Railway authorities should not misuse the patience, passengers maintain irrespective of the pathetic services provided to them. Railway authorities should take necessary steps to maintain the train timings, otherwise passengers are so stymied that they may even throw out of the running train, any checking personnel.
I suggest that some senior manageral persons of Railways should be sent to Japan and other developed countries to witness how facilities are flooded to the passengers and how safety and service is ensured for everyone. But you people may only MISUSE it as a tourist trip.

Complainant's Goal: Character of Railway employees and train timings
Complainant's Target: Southern Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai

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