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Complaint by: Sangeetha on April 19, 2010, 2:23 pm in Indian Railways

Hi Sir/ Madam,
I just want to complain against an TTR who really harresed my Mother(Aged 55) and sister(Aged 17) while travelling in Trivandram Exp(Train no : 2695 , dated : 4/4/2010).

I will narrate the whole incident to give an clear picture of what has happened exactely.

They came from an village near Salem , Tamil nadu to visit me in Chennai and that was their first journey in train.

Since they have to return , i have booked tickets in Tatkal for them.
I agree the fact that they donot have their identification cards with them.
So i requested the TTR in person and he disagreed with my statement and told me that he is going to treat that as no ticket.

I agreed with what he said and was ready to pay the amount and he was ok with this.
But when the train started , the total picture was changed.
He went to their seats and start to threaten them. so i asked them to pay the fine of rs. 800 (the actual ticket cost) and the TTR has provided them an statement of receipt.

After sometime , someother TTR came and asked for the ticket , inpiste of so many people travelling along with them , he has questioned only my Mother and sister( I guess that the TTR who got the money from them before have send this TTR also to bribe some money), and when they showed the receipt given by the TTR given before , he told them that the handwriting was not clear on the receipt and they have to bribe him 500 rs or get down in the next station.

When the people sitting next to my Mother came to support her , he has treated them like terrosists.

Also i have attached the Ticket copy below.
In that it was metioned that my mother\'s age was 55 and seat no was 35. He asked them why your age was 35 ? which is really stupid. When the person sitting next to her was supporting my mother with the ticket the TTR has asked her to get down immediately.

When i travelled in the same train, the TTR will never come most of the time to check for the tickets nor will ask the ID card.

Just because i went and requested him personally , he has treated my mother and sister the worst.

So is that way that the TTRs should behave with the people. And he got the money for both the tickets and alloacted the same seats to some other people.

Just because of some people like this , people are losing belief with the government..

Can you please treat this as my personal complaint and take appropriate action against him.

Also i have travelled in so many North Indian trains and the TTRs are not coming for checking the tickets at all.So is Indian Railways has some discrimination against North and SOuth Indian people?

Please take necessary action against him.

Thanks in advance.

Complainant's Goal: I want to register a complaint against an TTR.
Complainant's Target: Southern Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai

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Mon, 05 Dec 2016  Kasi Karthikeyan

I feel unfortunate to experience the horrible situation even after booking the ticket in expensive tatkal quota. I got the ticket in D6 coach whereas my family members got the ticket in D7 as they booked couple days in advance. It was on vaigai express departing chennai egmore to Madurai on 5/12/2016 at 13.30. Since, I wanted to travel with my family we requested TTR BK Meena to swap it D7 as my co-passenger didn't board the train as per his friend who has boarded. He was arrogant not to change and immediately alloted another open ticket person to the seat. He forced me to move to D6 which I booked. When I went there to get seated, another family was sitting there. I had to literally fight with the TTR to get a seat for me. He couldn't speak a sentence properly either in English or Tamil. I'm wondering about the quality of recruitment process for TRR job. No language skills, no inter personal skills and no attitude. Another surprising part is there are heaps of unreserved passengers travelling reserved coaches and TRR never bothered to act on it. Would you please be able to look into it?
My PNR number for this journey was 4639272294

Wed, 02 Apr 2014  K.RamakrishnaRao

Dear sir,
Yesterday i travelled in 12760 charminar express and my Rac -S14 seat no 55.All other co passengers got confirmed and my no was not confirmed to end,it was very much upset that open ticket holders got confirmed how i donot know.
Date of jorney 1-4-14 from SC to chennai.Pls let us know how a passenger knows status after chart prepared.Check status and take severe action.

Fri, 30 Apr 2010  Message from Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Southern Railway on April 30, 2010, 11:47 pm