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Complaint by: vignesh guruswamy on September 4, 2017, 4:02 pm in Public Transportation and Taxi

i have attached my car with ola cab on april 12 2017. they have given me best bookings at the start up.but wen time passes they neglected my services n incentives. i got a booking for rental on september 2 and september 3, so wen i put everything in single profile i should have got incentives of 1400 which i have driven on september 2. so the same i have driven for september 3, so i should get the same incentives 1400/- for this also. but both incentives never displayed in my ola driver app.so i called them regarding this issues n i wanted to clarify. executive "sureka" attented my call n started to explain the terms n conditions which ola has already processed that T&C. but how could one know it has been updated in the ola driver app wen he is no wer related to education. only basis the driver will come to know abt T&C is by informing the respective drivers through calls.they must inform them before following some T&C. but no one called. my problem is ,does every drivers who is running ola have knowledge abt these things or else they should sit for the training before starting their driver job?see minimum qualifications for drivers is 8th. so have many drivers would have knowledge abt these app updates? surely everydrivers who r running ola should get update through calls.but myself being a driver i didnt get calls or nothing ,even the ola app doesnt work.so coming to point,wen executive sureka attented my call,she tried to convince me. my question is ,does she even know with how much frustration every drivers driving their car? i was driving my car for 48 hours without any sleep but wat i got?just Rs 137/-incentives which i have drive on september 2 2017, but actually i should get Rs1400/- as incentives. wen i was busy handling my work towards my personnel carrier, i even suggested many people to attach their car towards ola.but now everybody who attached their cab referred by me terminated from ola services. but myself still put up into ola.i dont have to spend time with u people everytime calling to ola partener ,registering lot of complaints, but in return i dont get answers. so frm here i suggest other people who wanted to attach their car towards ola is of no use. kindly attach ur car to any other taxi serives.

Complainant's Goal: poor customer service and its a scam towards every driver who is not educated.
Complainant's Target: OlaCabs
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil Nadu

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