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Complaint by: Pathika Sharma on February 15, 2018, 7:13 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

All of Ola rep's that i spoke today (feb 15,2018) with since morning were incompetent, unhelpful & made a mockery of my situation (including 2 supervisors-Sanjesh & one lady i forgot her name-if they were actually supervisors as clearly had no apt training or concern or even knew what exactly customer services stands for?!) Plus my ph#9986019140 where you mention money is refunded has been messed up with & blocked by Ola folks post lodging complaints as have tried logging into Ola app on same ph model with another number & it works just fine, clearly its NOT MY PH OR NETWORK which is an issue like your dud tech reps are trying to portray it as!
brief synopsis-initial share cab (OSN867640145, driver-Shankar, cab# - 0212 White Xcent) that came to pick me up suddenly reported CNG issues after picking up another passenger from Base Hospital & in middle of busy intersection @Moti bagh stopped & said to speak with Ola customer care to arrange for new cab. Called up Ola-1st lady booked another share cab for me post "supposedly hearing" my entire concern. 2nd cab booked also didn't come for pickup as i was told it was "too far off" & there's "traffic"-that driver never cancelled ride from his end still! I called up again & spoke with another rep & her supervisor-who was clearly rude plus incompetent & was overtalking rather than listening to me(pls check call recordings), kept asking me to calm down (would want to see such calmness if you ever go through Hell like i was forced into by OLA). I gave up on OLA as no-one was helping clearly & asked me to book another cab by self (look at help being received!) I had to walk on foot from busy intersection for almost 1-2kms to get to nearest bus stop to book another cab for self. My number was blocked by OLA post lodging complaints & even offline booking option was not appearing despite trying all possible troubleshooting steps being told by another rep on call when i called up again so that she could book cab for me (reinstall ola app, ph restart, etc etc). Rather than understanding my problem, she "tried to guide me on how to use ola to book by self"(PS-i use ola everyday & know more than these ppl might knw-my logs will show the same). I had to take auto & buses to reach back home as clearly my day was ruined & couldnt reach work on time. This still doesnt end yet! Post reaching home, i followed all mentioned troubleshooting steps again to be doubly sure, but no i kept getting "unable to connect, check your network/internet error" wherein all other apps (fb, whatsapp,etc) were working all fine. I logged in with another phone number on same ph & same ola app & it works just fine. I took another handset & logged in with my original number(which is blocked still) & guess what I get same error. Clearly its not my phone, internet or app version which is the "problem"-i had called up for last time again & spoke with rep Elvis to pass onto supervisor (Sanjesh)-who was again some rep pretending to be supervisor as he asked me for same info 4-5 times (i recorded this call this time) as i dont see anyone at OLA trying to help sooner. I need my money back & original number unblocked else will lodge formal complaint with RTI & post this on all social media platforms as you guys simply are worthless & shrewd to the core!
Story continues-i got incessant calls from OLA(supposedly) in between my client call right now, i wasnt able to pick up. Got a msg also that my issue is fixed now(which is not)-called them back once my client call got over to update them on reality, thank god recorded it-as person kept mentioning he'll "open my app", then changed to what's my issue so that he can resolve? when i enquired further sternly, he hung up saying & i quote "aap phone rakhiye,apka problem jo hai usko resolve nahi kia jayega"-if this forum allows me to add that recording, will surely do. If i am not able to, i need name of concerned authorities to highlight this again as to how ppl are behaving & bluntly saying such things to someone who is facing issues. Rather than resolving, you guys are openly threatening to not resolve & mistreating ppl on purpose.
tried-cannot upload recording, hv uploaded my app screenshot which is as it is since i logged morning complaint on calls

Complainant's Goal: get number activated & receive refund as per email
Complainant's Target: OlaCabs
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiSouth West Delhi

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