Mahindra First Choice - Mental harrassment
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Complaint by: Raisha on January 5, 2018, 7:20 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I have purchased Nissan Micra(DL1CP 3677) from Mahindra First Choice, Noida sector-63 (Uttar Pradesh) on September 21,2017. The day of dilevery was exceed and I got it on September 25. (As the driver of Mahindra first choice made an accident with my car). Within a month exactly after 17 day's of purchase it suddenly stopped and I had to get it towed. (Pic attached). They confirmed that there is no problem with the car and it's good to go. Again it stopped on November (some date) I again raised complain. As the towing machine was late so I arranged my personal toweing machine. Next morning it suddenly started. Again it stopped exactly on Dec 6,2017(pic attached). A lot of black smoke was coming out. Nothing was working not even breaks as I was driving in Yamuna expressway (UP). It again got towed. When I asked them when i can get it back Mr. Ajay (workshop Engineer) told me to wait for 15 days. After 15 days when I called him, he exceeded the date to Dec 22. Then Dec 25, then Dec 27, then Dec 30, and then to January 4, 2018. During this period I kept mailing them calling them and asking what exactly happened to my car. Their response was almost nil. Mr Ajay use to cut my phone and Mr. Abishek Bajpai(Manager MFC) just washed his hands telling me that I am responsible for this as I did test drive at the time of buying.
They also provided me another vehicle WagonR Petrol on Dec 17, 2017. WagonR stopped on January 2,18, Near sector 18 Noida. As it was over heating and the engine fan was not working I waited for 4 hours and called Mr. Bajpai (Manager MFC) he disconnected my call. Again I had to get it towed to my house. Today Exactly after a month they mailed me "ready for delivery" And now when I said I can't trust your car so I want extra 6 months warranty, EMI refund ( As I paid EMI and also cab bills, and petrol expenses, as my daily run is 80-85 km). Because it got stop thrice in just 2 months. Mr. Bajpai is completely ignoring and said I am not the authorised person to talk to. I don't know whom to contact now? What to do?
I didn't go to take the car as I don't trust them at all.
All this Mental harrassment I am dealing with is too much to take now. I said Mr. Bajpai that I will go to consumer court then also he didn't bothered to call me or mail me. I trusted MFC and bought a certified car. This is not what I deserve and also this is not what you should provide to your buyer's. Mr. Bajpai bothers about nothing and talks like he is doing a favour to me. All my time, money, mental stability is gone to vein. Please help me.

Complainant's Goal: Compensation
Complainant's Target: Mahindra First Choice
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar Pradesh

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