Maruti Suzuki India Limited - Maruti Suzuki not doing strignet quality checks of few car models in R&D plants
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Complaint by: atul1 on November 9, 2017, 2:43 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I own Maruti-Suzuki Wagnor duo (LPG company fitted) (MH 16 AT 5332). It's just 4.5 years old purchase.

Since May 2017, I am not able to drive the vehicle on LPG mode .
Vehicle stops(engine shuts off) if switched from petrol to LPG.

Initialy asked Wonder cars pvt ltd from Pune to diagnose the problem....They suggested some regulator related part replacement work, which I was not convinced to do with high repairing cost estimation with very limited warranty of part

In last 5 months ...used car on petrol mode only ....

This week to do reconfirm the past diagnosis ..visited Mahalaxmi automative Pvt LTD ,Model colony,Pune-411016

After inspecting the vehicle , Their feedback is "to replace lpg regulator" (which needs to beordered from company).

For now I have again kept this repair on hold, ..again due to limited warranty on part(just 1 month hmmm...).

Here I would like to get answers/explanation from Maruti-Suzuki , and not from any service center I have visited:

1. Sudden shut down of engine while driving, is not at all expected from car manufactured by so called top brand "MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED".

This means for Wagnor duo(LPG) , model...there are some missing quality checks

2. I assume lpg regulator is one of the very Major part of vehicle, using which fuel get injected in engine and vehicle runs on it.So malfunctioning it in just 4 years of vehicle's life span ,definitely points out that ...for this model ....Or May be this particular vehicle unit....quality checks are not done properly by MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED

Here,I would like to request MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED, please arrange replacement of all defective parts of MH16 AT 5332 , as soon as possible without causing financial burden on me.

For parts like AC,tyre I can understand ...that I need to replace them after some time , but LPG regulator is major functioning part...which should not go down at least for 15-20 years of vehicle lifetime or some specific mileage.

In my case vehicle was ran just approx 30000 Km , and lpg mode went off.....


Complainant's Goal: get replacement of all defective parts with no or minaml cost
Complainant's Target: Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune

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