Indian Railways Complaints (16 to 30 of 2013)

Indian Railways - cancellation of online reserved ticket

2 months ago by Gomathishankar in Indian Railways
I have booked two tickets on third A C in train no 12674 .Date of Journey 22.01.2018 . Coimbatore to Chennai Departure 22.40 total fare for two tickets Rs 980 under senior citizen category. PNR number 4552011283. Due to unavoidable... Read more

IRCTC Indian Railways - TDR against IRCTC

2 months ago by Ameen in Indian Railways
I have filled a TDR for train diverting on 17 05 2017 but still not get my refund amount . Of 1480 against the ticket. PNR 2130545489 I have mailed a lot of time . ticket I d 6525709 last... Read more

HOUSEWIFE - Train Facilities

2 months ago by Janu Subramanian in Indian Railways
I am travelling in NDLS PDY EXPRESS 22404 in B1 Coach 3A A C Tier which started from Delhi on time by 11.45pm on 31st December 2017. From departure of time till now no water facility and A C not... Read more

Rohit Gupta - Help Required in getting the refunds for TDR of PNR - 2333560229

Wed, 27 Dec 2017 by Rohit Gupta in Indian Railways
Dear Sir Madam Please help me in getting the claims of the below case. I am very surprise to get the reason of rejection of the TDR for PNR 2333560229 with transaction id 100000894633535 and Cancellation ID 100000170599935 Reason of... Read more

Indian Railways - TDR Repudiation/rejection

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 by Ritik jain in Indian Railways
hello sir i Ritik jain having pnr no 2339384716 and tdr ref no 100000201942966 this my tdr is Repudiation rejection by railway with the reason null where as my train late by 9hr 50 min and also I am not... Read more


Sat, 16 Dec 2017 by SUMEET SINGHAL in Indian Railways
My TDR filed on 13 nov 2017 against PNR 2819658543 viz cancellation id 100000197736374 for amount inr 725 refund has been rejected by northern railways with a REASON as per CHART PASSENGER HAS TRAVELLED. the reason for rejection is completely... Read more

IRCTC Indian Railways - Poor service in AC coach and unhygienic food by irctc

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 by Jagadeesh in Indian Railways
Hi My name is Jagadeesh Kumar Bommana. I did my return journey with my family wife and 3.10 years old daughter from New Delhi to Kachiguda in 12650 KTK SMPRK Expess as on 2 12 2017. Our bearths are B3... Read more

Mutual transfer - Mutual transfer

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 by Kusum munda in Indian Railways
Respected sir With due to respect I beg to state that I am kusum Munda trackman 4 working under SSE p way Banspani engineering department chakrdharpur division s.e.rly mutual transfer with Smt.Radhi Tiriya safaiwala working under Health Inspector Medical department... Read more

Bike parking contractor - Parking issue in kandivali west

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 by Prasad081988 in Indian Railways
Kindly contact the contractor told to that your staff is very abesive langagues uses every day and not helping for bike parking... Read more

Central Railway - Delayed trains

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 by Jasmine in Indian Railways
Dear Sir This is in regard with Harbour local punctuality. I commute everyday through Harbour line local from Khandeshwar to Govandi. In the morning towards CSTM train goes very slow stops frequently after vashi bridge. Due to this I always... Read more

Refusing to book a window seat in spite of availability

Southern Railway - Refusing to book a window seat in spite of availability

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 by S.KRISHNAN in Indian Railways
On 13 11 2017 I booked second seating ticket for myself my wife by Pallavan Express No.12605 dt 01 12 2017 at Srirangam booking counter and specifically mentioned one window seat in the reservation form. But the Lady ticket clerk... Read more



Sun, 12 Nov 2017 by NEJAMUL HAQUE in Indian Railways
DEAR SIR MAM PLEASE FIND THE PNR 2500415285 Train No. Name 05576 ANVT DBG SPL Transaction ID 100001031802211 Date Of Journey 29 Oct 2017 TRAIN IS 12 HOURS LATE AT THE JOURNEY DATE HENCE A TDR FILED BY ME WHEN... Read more

Complaint against the services in AC chair car of TRAIN no 12822 DHAULI Express.

The Ministry of Railways - Complaint against the services in AC chair car of TRAIN no 12822 DHAULI Express.

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 by SOUMYA GHOSH in Indian Railways
PNR No 6604967098 Train No. Name 12822 DHAULI EXP On 23rd October 2017 we were travelling from Puri to Howrah in AC chair car of TRAIN no 12822 DHAULI Express. From Khurda Road the air conditioning system was not working.... Read more

IRCTC Indian Railways - Refund complaint

Sun, 22 Oct 2017 by Kanchan Paul in Indian Railways
Dear sir I had tried to book a ticket from irctc rail connect app from Tata Nagar junction to Vadodara junction of 3rd November 2017 but due to server problem the transaction failed but the amount of 2625 rupees has... Read more

Malpractices of lady ticket checker

Indian Railways - Malpractices of lady ticket checker

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 by ASHOK KUMAR in Indian Railways
sir madam on 17 oct. 2017 i booked seat in sleeper class in train no. 13049 from knn amritsar with PNR 6707103681 but train was late by more than 8 hours. then i purchased one more general class ticket rupees... Read more