Whirpool India Ltd - I am very disstisfied with the service,
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Complaint by: khuzema zakir on June 22, 2010, 4:02 pm in Utility Services

My washing machine is under AMC and as per the contract the center should provide free service of the device but already a year and quarter has passed but no one turned up to do the service. In the month of May we gave a complaint and a small boy,who was hardly 18 -19 years of age came who was very rude and didn\'t how to talk to customer. I asked him to do general service and drum cleaning (as per the contract drum should be cleaned one in a year) he denied of such rule when I insisted he said he will return the next day after waiting for many days I again gave a complaint and told the whole episode to the operator and she humbly beg pardoned and promised that a gentleman will be sent after fixing an appointment and the same boy called up and said that he will be reaching in an hour\'s time. I checked with my wife whether she will be at home but unfortunately she wasn\'t at home and told me to inform the person to come after 5pm I informed the person to come after 5 and he as usual started telling his inability to come at our convenient time after my pursuance he obliged to come after 5pm,but till today(22.6.2010) he has not turned up. Sir we have paid a sum of Rs.3949/- for 2 years of AMC and as per the contract we are entitled to 4 free services with 2 drum cleaning services but lately Whilpool is just indulging in only big ADS in Media engaging big stars but when it comes to after sale service its NIL.Kindly,look into this matter and solve the problem at once otherwise we will be forced to take stringent action and even if we have to go to Consumer Court for our right we will not think twice as we have put our hard earned money into it. Hope our complaint will not fall on deaf ears and action will be taken at once against the franchise who is least bothered about customer\'s plight Thanks and Regards, Khuzema

Complainant's Goal: Iwant assused Free Service By decent person
Complainant's Target: Whirpool India Ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai

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