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Complaint by: Banani baruah on February 9, 2017, 7:52 pm in Unsolicited Phone Calls

I got a fraud call and msg from homeshop18 that i won 1st prize in their lucky draw and i won a tata safari car of 12lakh 80thousand ruppees. He told me to deposit 4500 in a SBI account named as MR GAUTAM BHARTI. And mistakenly without my knowledge i deposited 4500 in his account.
After that i got a call and msg from SBI that to transfer my prize money of 12lakh 80thousand i have to again deposit 9800rupees. I have not transfered that money i asked my 4500 back. But they refused to give.
Plz help me to get 4500 ruppess back.

Complainant's Goal: I want my 4500 ruppees money back
Complainant's Target: Home Shope18
Complaint Location: IndiaAssamSonitpur

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yesterday  Nirdeep

I got same call that I won car n to claim that I have to transfer 6800rs..they also asked about my bank account no. Adhar card and photos...I sent adhar card n photos but didnít sent money...my question is HomeShop18 donít take any responsibility for this coz hundreds people registered same complaints...fraud calls...how fraud people know about date of purchase..what we purchased...so HomeShop18 people giving all personal details including what we are purchasing from them..HomeShop18 is culprit

5 days ago  Sam

Recently i got a call from this frauds number - 919570266495 claiming that i won a lottery in HS18 of 4.20 lakhs and they will cheque in DD through value post in the post office which cost 4200. The value post can be opened only after the payment,its a bunch of scammers fooling people around. Soo, guys beware not to fall in this trap and loose money....Nothing comes free in this world.

6 days ago  kritika kolay

I also received a cal today itself regarding that u won a lucky draw of tata safari on ur order. Thankfully i confirmed from the customer care of HS18 nd they said dat these are fraud calls so don't pay attention to them.....
But i request HS18 also to take some steps regarding these calls....as they can take our whole order information and our numbers as well..

last week  Ansh Burnwal

Today 9th Dec I got a fraud call and msg from homeshop18 that i won 1st prize in their lucky draw and i won a tata safari car of 12lakh 60 thousand ruppees. He told me to deposit 6500 in a SBI account for legal documentation procedure . I told pappu (the name of that person who phoned me) first send that saffari car to my place and then I am ready to do all procedures. he cancelled that call. again after 15 minutes I got one more call from Home shop 18 and the opposite person told me to deposite 3500/- rupees as the first call was fraud call. I just ignored and same reason I told him either they first deliver car to my place or else keep it with them only. I replied those culprits. Now My question is that how they got our details like name, phone numbers. Might be company have links with them and such fraud calls we are getting. so please go into this matter HOME SHPe18. since we are your regular customers for last 5 years. otherwise we will stop buying from you. THINK "GHAR KA BHEDI LANKA DHAI". Please go through these complaint and simply do not deposites such amount in the bank. I you are the lucky winners then your name will display on the television. Request to HOME SHOP18 go through this matter. ????????....

last week  Jasmeen Kaur

Whenever I order something from home shop18 just after the order is dispatched I get a call from a number stating that i have won a car of rs.1200000. Today also I have got a similar call and when I said stop faking people then the started using cheap language. Also received below msg. Please be careful and do not trust these calls.

Dear sir Congratulation
You are product order homeshop18 company At home shoping show the results are out in Home shop18
Your name to open the luky drw Tata safari cost RS=1280000 at
Yov have received for two option
1st=tata safari
2nd=cash 1280000
The charge of your REGISTRATION Service
Payment RS=5999 FOR HELPLINE NO.-07654491302

last week  Amaresh Tripathy

Just now recieved SMS regarding deposit of Rs 7500 stating I have won Tata Safari through lucky draw by mobile no 8877599744. And one person named Amit said to deposit the amount in the name of Mr. Sanjay Kumar who is financial auditor of home shop 18 and also shared his account no of SBI.
I got suspicious and contacted customer care of HS 18 and they confirmed not to entertain these fraud calls. So always confirm from website before giving any money

last week  Vaibhav patil

I will receive a massage &call
He told me you win ₹1240000

What to do me?

1 month ago  RAJEEV NEGI

I have got same massage & call too after online shopping with myantra

1 month ago  Prince

I am in same problem, but I am too Criminal.. he gives me a account number and then I will give him a fake neft number.. and now he call and tell me... who I am??
hey dude, I am the bad man.

1 month ago  Naveen

i have received the same from shopclues

tata saffari luckey draw.

mobile no are


account no is
ac 20340755104 mr pintu bhuiya (sbin0001098)

do'nt disposit any kind of money totaly scam loss your money.

1 month ago  Vasim

I too received a similar call and when I told him that I am advocate he hung up the call...beware of this type of calls

1 month ago  William Stanley Pawar

I have got same massage & call too after online shopping with Hs18

1 month ago  Shabbir Gheewala

Today we have also received fake call and message from Homeshop 18 from this No:9117964957.That you won Tata safari and rupees 12,60,000.

1 month ago  Tapan Kumar

Sir i got Call from Fake homeshop 18 about i won Tata Safari car of 1280000 i ask what him how to get money he said i have to deposit 6500rs to a account... i refused this after that i called HOMESHOP 18 customer support service i said to her why my personal detail HS18 leaked... the fraudsters called me for lucky winner... She told me i don't have to reply its a fraud... i give fraudsters Mobile Number (9523872475) to her... but i don't think HS18 going to take action against this....

1 month ago  Mayuraj Saikia

Dear Sur/Madam,

I am another victim of these fraud calls with similar attractions of winning a Tata Safari or an amount of 12,60,000/- and am feeling embarassed on missing out on the easy fraud claims shown by these crooks. The first person, Mr. Anil Gupta ( ph:822683853) who claimed to be an enployee of Home Shop 18, which was a regular attraction for my parents but now, unfortunately I have to stop them from wasting their time on these fraud prone deals
I am not sure how much it affects, but will make a legal complaint for sure.
From your side, I expect you to take some action to not spread the phone numbers of your hopeful customers so easily and if possible track these fraud callers who claim to be your staff.

Mayuraj Saikia