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Complaint by: Sonia on November 10, 2017, 11:44 am in Travel and Vacations

Hello Sir,

I am Sonia Dhamija, married to Pankaj Gauri. We were invited for a Country club presentation in Evok store in kirti nagar new delhi on 24th September 2017. There we met Aditya Rajput who gave the presentation to us.

We trusted the sales person and the one of the most important reasons was that they had tie up with HDFC and other renowned bank brands like ICICI for the instalments.
Finally the sales person Aditya along with his boss Puneet and others were able to sell the membership making a lot of big promises and commiting a high class customer service.
Below are the details of the membership we bought-

membership no: CCDL213V10LB28334

category : no club + 10 yrs 6N7D blue U12

start date : 24th September

They (Aditya Rajput and team) gave us the presentation for around 45 minutes explaining the great benefits of the membership. Below were couple of the false promises or statements they made while selling the membership:

1. All of our properties and associated properties are 4 star or above.
However, almost all of their properties are 3 star and I was surprised to see that.

2. You just need to book your rooms 20 days in advance and you will never face any problems in booking.
However, I have been trying to make the booking with them in 2 to 3 months advance time period and they are not able to give me the booking as committed. Everytime they come up with some clause or flaw which is disgusting.

3. You can book as many rooms as you wish based on your membership and nights available. You can take your guests and relatives along.
However, when I asked them to book the rooms for me and my relatives(more than 2), they said I can not book more than 2 rooms which again left me to surprise as we were committed something totally different.

4. There is a cool- off period of 10 days with in which you can cancel your membership.
However,I called the Customer care with in 4 days and they denied there is no such policy.

5. As we were interested in resorts with in Delhi NCR, they showed us pics of Best western resort in GGN, and when enquired about Singapore, he showed the Orchid resort,
However upon enquiring for booking the RM informed that there were disputes going on in these properties from the last 7 months and this should have been told to us by Aditya and other sales persopnell.

-6.they promised us food vouchers of Rs. 8000 and upon requesting the same Puneet Chauhan have forwarded 3 food coupons of rs 500 and that too with so many terms and conditions.
When asked Puneet about it, no responses at all.

7. While talking to RM- Nitesh, he clearly says that Mam you know these sales people, if they don't talk big during sales presentation who will buy this product.

8. I have been following up with all the channels to get a copy of my agreement which I signed on that day and no one is sharing the same with me. This is frustrating me so much.

9. Upon sending an email to CC to cancel my membership and get refund, they very rudely say that there is no condition we refund, go ahead and transfer your membership if you don't like.

10. There are no responses from the CC officials which makes things more annoying. We didn't pay this much money,just to be in such a miserable situation.

This is disgusting and I feel we are badly cheated. this seems to be a pure scam and I am not sure that does Country club enforces this or its just some of the sales people who use these dirty tricks to make new members.

When I search for similar complaints , I see a lot and I think Consumer court needs to take a very strict action against this. We have paid our hard earned money just to enjoy our vacations, however this is ruining our mental peace.

With above said, I am very much dissatisfied with the services and fake promises which were made and I would request consumer court support in getting my refund. I think this is illegal. I have been mentally harassed in the last month following up with CC officials and getting to know all promises were fake and need my refund. Also there should be an action against the officials who talk so big and make fool out of people.


Complainant's Goal: Membership cancellation and refund
Complainant's Target: Country Vacations
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiWest Delhi

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