Cadbury India - Worm in Cadbury Dairy Milk Cookie Nut Crunch
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Complaint by: tusharchavan on December 28, 2016, 12:02 am in Retail Stores

I bought this chocolate from Big Bazaar Kapurbavdi Branch Thane on 18th Dec 2016(a week from now).
I consumes a small piece 2 days back and since i didnt like it much kept it in wrapper in the freezer. Today my wife brought to my notice a worm in it (photo attached) after having a close look at it.
The worm was not alive due to kept it frozen environment but for sure its in the chocolate since its still intact in it.

Code-A6907 A13
PKD: 09/16 08:51

Would like an explanation from the company in a weeks of time, till then I have kept the chocolate as it is in fridge.

Tushar Chavan

Complainant's Goal: Company's explanation and action against it
Complainant's Target: Cadbury India
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra

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Recent Comments
5 days ago  SWASTIKA MITRA

I would like to file this complain regarding a chocolate Cadbury dairymilk of 10 rupees. I purchased 3 chocolates on 18th july with date of manufacturing 03/17, and one box of celebratory of rupees 50. but when open the packets I found all of them r very old dry and bad chocolates. I took a bite of it, taste was too bad and an oily smell comes from it.

1 weeks ago  Rajiv Kabra

I bought a Cadbury Oreo from Ratnadeep Super Market.

Packing details 170227 C3 02/17

There is a foul smell the moment I opened the wrapper. Looks like something has perhaps gone Rancid in it.

Would like to know what could be the reason.


6 months ago  ANIRUDDH VIJAY


I would like to file this complain regarding a chocolate Cadbury Silk of Rs. 160. I purchased this chocolate on 2nd January with date of manufacturing Mar. 2016, but when I took a bite of it, taste was too bad and bitter and seems. I asked to the retailer regarding the same but he denied to take that chocolate back.
I expect a quick response on the same. Thanks.

Aniruddh Vijay
Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)