INOX MOVIES - Worldwide releases are not coming to Inox Siliguri
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Complaint by: on March 23, 2017, 3:55 pm in Entertainment and Movies

I have complained about this earlier and the Inox movies have been really rude about their behaviour. They have repeatedly stated that they have no control over the movies that are screened here in Inox Siliguri but are repeatedly bringing B-grade movies like 'Machine' and 'Aa Gaya Hero' instead of movies from renowned directors like Vikramaditya Motwane's 'Trapped' that released last Friday.

That was about the Hindi movie. This is about the English movies. None of the good English movies like 'La La Land' or 'John Wick 2' or 'Lego Batman' arrived in Inox Siliguri. Reason? The distributors decide what movies come. How does the distributor know whether the movie is going to work before releasing the movie in Siliguri? It's amazing. March 24th is the release date for the movie called 'Life' and it is not coming to Inox Siliguri without any reason whatsoever.

My only request is to create an online poll on their site or their Facebook site and let the people of Siliguri vote for which movie they should screen next Friday. If they're incapable of creating a poll on their website then their is a method of creating a poll status on Facebook. That will give an good idea about how many people want to see which movie. If the people still vote for B-grade movie, I promise to move out of Siliguri to a place where every kind of movie is screened and never complain about this again.

Complainant's Goal: To screen every movie that is released world-wide in Siliguri too
Complainant's Target: INOX MOVIES
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalDarjeeling

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