Mumbai Traffic Police - Traffic Bottlenecks on Hill Road, Bandra (West)
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Complaint by: Bandmaster on January 21, 2016, 10:42 pm in Government and Police

There was a time when Hill Road, Bandra was a place where one could easily take a walk, stroll or even canter along in a 2-Wheeler for window shopping, leisure or a get away. But that was years ago when not so many cars, heavy vehicular traffic wasn't par for the course

But all that has changed in the past 5 years or so when the establishment has been soft pedaling the menace of traffic bottlenecks with little or no bother to the nuisance it creates. Some examples of the neglect & apathy here

› The hawker menace on Hill Road continues to thrive with full complicity of the BMC Ward H Staff. There was a time when these hawkers were evicted but they are back again with a vengeance. Could we have the illegal stalls removed so that citizens can walk in peace?

› Nuisance Vehicles like Concrete Mixers, Water Tankers, Delivery Tempos & Private Buses can & will choke Hill Road in a major way. Unlike in foreign countries, where traffic rules are strictly enforced to prevent vehicles not destined for the city from entering arterial roads, the same rule must be implemented. The larger the size of the vehicles, the greater the impact it plays on the traffic. It bewilders one to think where on Hill Road are so many construction activities occurring? In Delhi, delivery vehicles can only enter the arterial roads late afternoon, but here by noon so many tempos halt right in the middle of Hill Road on both sides with hardly a care. This has to be monitored & enforced to clear the road for bonafide citizens vehicles

› BEST Buses, Trailers of all routes pour into Hill Road from SV Road, Bhabha Hospital Road besides those on routes from Bandra Reclamation. These are like various tributaries pouring into the sea of confusion which is Lucky Restaurant signal in which the wait time to cross from Hill Road to Bandra Station is well over 15 minutes for the traffic signals to change. A solution would be to have all buses from SV Road turn into Bandra Station Road from the HP Petrol Pump & proceed to the depot. As of now just a matter of 3-4 buses mean the traffic jams are endless

› Despite the Reclamation, Sea Link being spruced up over 6-7 years ago, there has been no reduction of the traffic woes here which means that vehicles are acting very stubborn or refuse to decongest the area. The only way is to enforce rules like in Mumbai City or Town where certain roads don't permit carriers, Double or Triple Axle Vehicles or Dumpers. A similar rule must be put in place for tempos, carriers, trucks so as to ensure they don't flout the rules. If after all this, it ensures that more vehicles get onto Bandra Reclamation Road, so much the better for Hill Road.

› A right turn at Lucky Signal junction is a hindrance to traffic wishing to go to the station besides that direction eats up a lion's share of the road also while waiting for the light to change. If the purpose of these vehicles is to go to Mahim, why can't they go via the inner roads of Bandra, cut to Reclamation & then onto J.Tata Road

Complainant's Goal: Clear Hill Road of Traffice Bottlenecks
Complainant's Target: Mumbai Traffic Police
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraMumbai Suburban

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Sun, 14 Feb 2016   Message By Complainant Sanjay N

Often I wonder if any of these issues are ever reaching the intended recipient anyway. Just to substantiate that it's now close to a month since I brought up this glitch & to add to this;

Lucky Signal has become a monumental mess with there being absolutely no effort or coordination to improve the efficiency of that area! Signals take forever to turn or lapse for those going towards Bandra Station be it day or night
Unless there is a provision to have an underpass or tunnel situation here, traffic at this signal will be a nightmarish experience

Movement of a Lot of nuisance vehicles compounds the problem namely Concrete Mixers, Private Delivery Tempos, Dumpers ( forever empty or ferrying passengers). Private Commercial Transport vehicles must be given a time say late afternoon/evening to make the deliveries or else they contribute a lot to traffic congestion. Enforce the rules with adequate traffic personnel & there will be a difference

Whenever roads are built, there needs to be some common sense on who needs to use them first. The Lands End & Bandra reclamation spruce up was done with what idea in mind I don't know! Hardly any heavy duty vehicles use those roads to enter or exit the locality but will congest or cloud Hill Road, Turner Road & high populace areas for no rhyme or reason

Mumbai City or older areas like Churchgate, Nariman Point, Cuffe Parade have a lot of rules for entry/exit of traffic besides restriction of certain vehicles on smaller roads & lanes. It's high time that the same set of rules apply in the suburbs also as many are misusing the privileges