TIKONA DIGITAL NETWORK PVT. LTD. - Threatning Call from TINONA and taken money fraudly
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Complaint by: Ashish on November 24, 2012, 1:55 pm in Internet Related


threatning call from lawyer (arun mishra) on 1o-nov-12 @ 3:40pm stating that he is calling from delhi, hazari court and if I don't pay the outstanding bill in next 15 mins he is going to submit case against me and need to pay rs. 40000 as penalty and need to come delhi also.

I dont understand how can they do this as I requested cancelletion for my connection-1104428794 regarding which also sent mails to all tikona nodal officer as no one was listening my cancelation complaint.
I requested for cancellation in apr-12 but they kept sending bill till sep-12. Why should I pay the bill for the months after requesting cancellation and not using the service.

Now for what they are threating and harrasing like this. Its completly tikona's mistake.

I paid Rs.3437.00 /- for the time being to aviod this unwanted situation but i want to know from TIKONA that they did not refund my earlier connection(1102296669) money and
on top of that charged me with bill of for new connection(1104428794) for May-12 till Aug-12 (whereas I stopped using from Apr-12 itself) , I want my MONEY BACK.

Sent lot of mails to tikona customer care, tikona nodal officers and applet authority s.nair@tikona.in
and j.nair@tikona.in but no response .

I have seen there are many complaints aginst tikona as they harrasing and threatning cutomer everyday.
Expecting positive reply from this site and taking action on tikona or they will keep earning money like this.

Tikona customer ID - 1104428794


Complainant's Goal: Refund of Money which tikona taken fraudly and by threatning
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Tue, 03 Oct 2017  Abhishek Bhatnagar

Hi, I took a 10 mbps connection of Tikona, but on the same day when I found the bandwidth was very low, I asked customer care to cancel my connection but they did not hear and said we would get the problem rectified. I waited for some days but no gain, their bandwidth was never more than 3-4 mbps, however they took charges for 10 mbps. I multiple time called their Call center and asked to cut the connection and if possible refund my money back, but they never listened. I was advised by the local rep of Tikona that its a prepaid connection, so after first month it will be automatically disconnected. So, I stooped calling them for disconnection. I got the other broadband at my home after 20 days of Tikona connection, means I just used this Tikona for 20 days.
When first month got completed, they started calling me regularly asking for money, I repeatedly said that why are you not cutting the connection. But they kept on calling me, kind of harassment calls, I sent multiple mails also but they did not reply properly. For more than 2 months now they still have been harassing me continuously, asking for money. But am unable to understand against what I should pay them. I paid Rs. 2020 at the time of connection, which I used for only 20 days. At least 10 times I called them requesting disconnection. now for what they are sending bills continuously to my email.
I today received a call from Mumbai, person was saying I am lawyer, and threatened me to pay some 2000 Rs or I would have to pay 22000 Rs. And he said he was about to present my file to Magistrate.
I am really tired now from Tikona's harassment policy. Could someone help me, how to get rid of this Tikona.
Tikona customer ID - 1120983825