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uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Please do not buy uniconnect international sim cards

1 month ago by athar qureshi10 in Telecommunications
Please do not buy uniconnect international sim cards I used them in Shanghai and it was a total rip off. I got billed around 18 000 for 5 days. And now when I am calling them to share with me... Read more

Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. - good mobile network and service

1 month ago by rohit rohilla in Telecommunications
On a recent trip to SIngapore with my family we used a Matrix connection instead of our Indian numbers. Matrix really does provide good service and support as we never faced even a minor issue throughout the trip. Good service... Read more

NORTH INFRATEL INDIA LTD. - mobile tower instillation

1 month ago by uday pandey in Telecommunications
North infratel India ltd company MCA CIN U45200BR2011PLC017209 register company onur sanjay Kumar Singh brjes badhwa uttam narayn Mantu sinha online mobile tower instillation offer so I m tech company sanjay Kumar Singh and Mantu sinha tower instillation may... Read more

Aircel Delhi - Plan not activated of Rs. 249/-

1 month ago by pritesh571982 in Telecommunications
Sir With due respect I would like to inform you that I had recharged my mobile 91 8802338106 Aircel with Rs. 249 i.e. with an unlimited pack. The same has been checked by me before proceeding further using 121 for... Read more

Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. - supporitive Matrix team

1 month ago by akshay kapur in Telecommunications
Very recently I had used a matrix sim card when I was going on a vacation to France. My overall experience with them was really good. Right from responding to my query to having someone sent to my place for... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Uniconnect Team- Not intrested in business

1 month ago by kushagra puri in Telecommunications
What they say is something that they never deliver. I had inquired about a London sim card from Uniconnect almost 5 days back and after receiving an email from them that someone would call me and help with a sim... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Uniconnect-Miscommunicating plans

2 months ago by sakshi miglani in Telecommunications
My family and I went to Dubai for a holiday and my father bought a uniconnect sim card for me and my brother instead of us using the international roaming on our local numbers. Later we realized that it was... Read more

Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. - Recommend it for international travel

2 months ago by RajaMaheshwari in Telecommunications
On a recent business trip to Shanghai my company gave me with a matrix sim card for me to use there. I must admit that i wasn t very convinced with using a matrix sim since i had not heard... Read more

Vodafone Gujarat - Vodafone - Cheater and worst ever Telecom provider

2 months ago by Jigar Parikh in Telecommunications
Dear Sir Madam I have requested for a name change for vodafone nos. designated on the name of my father in the month of Ajaykumar Parikh as i wanted to include those nos into CUG scheme provided from my company... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Not worth taking uniconnect services

2 months ago by meenaksh singhal in Telecommunications
My friend had used a uniconnect sim card for an official trip and he recommended the same to me for my vacation. On his advice I bought their sim card to use in Germany. I bought their 10 Euros 15... Read more

Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. - Appreciate the customer service

2 months ago by Kairav Vikram in Telecommunications
I was going to USA for the first time in my life was quite frankly I didn t know whether I should get a sim there or use my delhi number or just get an international sim card from India... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - worst service ever

2 months ago by ishaan mahajan in Telecommunications
Very bad experience of using a uniconnect sim card in Dubai. These are super expensive unlike what they say most of the times. Their network coverage really sucks and if by any chance u need a refund there is no... Read more

Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. - Good service by Matrix in Singapore

2 months ago by ramdevkachara in Telecommunications
I had used a matrix sim card in Singapore for about 10 days when I was there to get admissions in one of their universities. I was glad that we had decided to use their services cos it really helped.... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Painful service Uniconnect

2 months ago by Devraj Thakur in Telecommunications
I bought a Canadian sim card from Uniconnect. Biggest mistake ever. I paid almost Rs 5000 for a sim card that wouldn t register its network in Calgary. And getthing through their customer care is a painful task. I mean... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Frustated with Uniconnect and the team

2 months ago by harsh nagpal in Telecommunications
Its not the first time that I have traveled abroad or used an international sim card service but today am really frustrated with the services that uniconnect sim cards in providing in Europe. The network is sick and the data... Read more