Apple India - Scam by Apple turned to a nightmare for me
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Complaint by: atul singh on May 13, 2017, 12:58 pm in Telecommunications

My name is Atul Singh and Apple ID is I have tried to send a couple of emails but all the time I got email rejections, not sure why.

I have received an email which says that my account has been blocked and they want me to re-update the details. This email was from a so-called company Apple who I trusted the most before this incident.

I entered all my card details but soon after I have been charged SEK 8 on my credit card. This did not stop, after an hour I got multiple charges on my credit card.

But it seems that Apple Singapore staff does not think from the customer's point of views. One of the staff keeps on saying that they did not send any email and nothing has been charged to my card.

I had already shared all the bank transactions details and my Bank has denied and said that amount has been charged and I should check with Apple. My card has been blocked and I cannot pay my utility bills now. Who will bear the interest charges and the time that I have spent for this? The mental agony I have been through the middle of the night on 8th May’17.

It's only your company who takes their customer's credit card details and store it. It's your policy, which inclined me to believe that email that I have received is from Apple. I never thought it could be a scam.

I will post on Social Media and definitely advise everyone I know about this fraud conspiracy and whatever has been happening with me since 08th May’17.

I want Apple to compensate me for the mental agony I have been going through since the last 4 days. Compensate me for the time that I have spent with Apple and my card company. Ensure that my data and personal details saved on Apple, are secure.



Complainant's Goal: I want Apple to compensate me for the mental agony I have been going through
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNew Delhi

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