Kotak Mahindra Bank - Request immediate action persons who are harassing me and my family member .
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Complaint by: sanjeeve on March 21, 2017, 11:48 am in Loans All

Respected Sir,

I, Sanjeev Kumar Gajadi, son of late L G Shankar Rao, working with HCL Technology Limited situated at Jigani, Bommasandra, Link Road, Jigani Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562106, I wish to bring to your kind notice the following with a request to take necessary legal action against the culprits/criminals as per law by registering this complaint, at the earliest.

1. I have received a telephone call to my mobile number 9980312044 on 11.03.2017 at 12:14 PM from Cell Phone No. 9870510064 from unidentified person stating to be an Execution of Kotak Mahindra Bank and demanded me to pay Rs.2,00,000/- which is due to the bank from me towards education loan. I immediately informed the Executive that I have not availed any loan facility from Kotak Mahindra Bank nor I have any account with that bank at any point of time till date. However, the executive continued to demand me to pay money alleging me as defaulted and was not allowing me to seek any clarification or information regarding the so called loan facility extended to me by said bank. I have clearly stated to him that I have not taken any loan and not liable to said bank and demanded him to furnish details / documents pertaining to alleged loan transaction as claimed by the executive. However, the executive avoided to answer my question seeking clarification and information about the alleged loan transaction and disconnected the phone.

2. On 14.03.2017 at 02:19 PM I have again received a call from the same executive from same phone number (i.e. 9870510064) and he again started to make same allegations as made during his last telephonic conversation with me on 11.03.2017 but again avoided to give any clarification and/or information with regard to amount claimed by him on behalf of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The executive also avoided to give any information regarding complete bank details / branch details or their call center details or their employment ID for taking up this issue with superior authorities of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The Executive did not disclose his name and he always made point not to allow me to talk or ask anything and always asked me when you will clear the loan amount. The call was against disconnected by the executive without hearing my version or giving information sought by me again and again on the so called defaulted loan.

3. Again, on the same date i.e. on 14.03.2017 I have received Eight (8) telephone calls on my mobile from the following telephone numbers at given time:
(i) 080-67813001 at 10:31 AM; (ii) 080-67813663 at 11:35 AM; (iii) 1203353000 at 11:49 AM;
(iii) 011-66700700 at 12:34 PM; (iv) 022-62362731 at 10:35 AM; (v) 022-62362735 at 04:06 PM;
(vi) 022-62362731 at 04:12 PM; and (vii) 022-62362736 at 04:06 PM.

The above telephone calls were made by males and females, claiming to be executives of Kotak Mahindra Bank, and during all conversations, those persons they demanded time and again me to pay the defaulted loan amount of Rs.2,00,000/- in various words and manner but they refused and avoided to hear me and/or give reply to any of the questions, doubts and clarifications from my side on the alleged loan transaction. They always disconnected the phone from their end. I at all times told them that I have not taken any loan nor I am having any account with Kotak Mahindra Bank but they deliberately did not want to list to me and the truth from my end.

4. Again on 15.03.2017 at 4:07 PM and on 04:10 PM I received call from phone number 022-62362729 to my mobile number and this time the executive demand me to pay outstanding amount of Rs.2,00,000/- due towards repayment of Credit Card due amount used by me on the Credit Card issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank. However, as usual the lady executive did not allow me to talk anything nor she was willing to give any information or clarification on the question raised by me on the correctness of such alleged transaction / demand.

5. I also demanded to give complete details of the documents / proof on the basis of which the callers / executive of Kotak Mahindra Bank are making claims for money and alleging me as defaulter but none of them were able to give any reply on the same and always avoided question or information on the same. I once also asked for Customer ID of the so called executive of the Kotak Mahindra Bank to take the matter further with their superiors but the same was refused by the executive deliberately and disconnected the phone.

6. I am of the strong believe that the above callers are fake persons and criminals and they are doing these calls and harassing me day in and day out irrespective of day and night on regular basis and giving me threats to my life and limb, if their demand for money is not fulfilled. I also bring to your kind notice that part from harassing me, the culprits are also making unsolicited calls to my office colleagues/superiors on regular basis on their personal mobile numbers and pressurizing / harassing them to compel me to pay alleged loan amount of Rs.2,00,000/- and also stating that I have given their contact details to them. I state that, no personal information (mobile numbers etc.,) of any of my office colleagues / superiors at work was shared / given to any persons (including the callers/criminals) at any point of time. I strongly believe that the said information has been hacked by the culprits / callers from various sources without my involvement and are now harassing me and my office colleague’s / superiors day in and day out (day and night) so that I heed to their illegal demand for money which I am not due at any point of time.

7. I submit that the said callers are trying to put mental pressure on me by making telephone calls again and again including through my office colleagues / superiors (by call them on this subject again and again in spite of their serious protest and warning not to make any further calls to them) so as to extract money from me illegally by subjecting me to torture and mental harassment apart from making false complaints to my superiors / colleagues on the same. The motive of the criminals / callers is clear that they are trying to defame my good reputation / image in the professional circle and office so that I accede / agree to their illegal demand of money. The callers motive appears to be to illegally extract money from me and they are targeted me after picking me randomly. I believe that they have also hacked into my facebook account ID and my office data through which they have come to know about my office colleague’s / superiors personal mobile numbers. The callers are also calling my family member and harassing / giving threats to my life. One of the unknown caller on 14.03.2017 made call to my mobile number as stated above and told that he has entered into my office premises and waiting at Tower-4 of my company premises and directed me to come down and repay the money failing to comply with this demand will result in serious harm to my life.

8. The callers are literally torturing me mentally to gain by adopting illegal methods and giving life threats. I bring to your kind notice the above events and circumstances that are happing to me so that necessary action be taken immediately against the callers / culprits and protect me against the metal harassment and life threats.

9. I state that, all the above submitted gamut of facts and circumstances would undisputedly establish that the callers have hatched a plan with a ill motive to gain wrongfully for themselves and cause wrongful loss to me. I submit that any delay in taking action in this matter will render injustice to me. I am ready and willing to co-operate in the investigation of the case as and when necessitated by your good self.

In view of the fore mentioned unlawful acts / offences committed the callers/criminals, I request your good self to take immediate action against them, as per law.

Thanking you Sir,

Sanjeev Kumar Gajadi
Ph: 9980312044

Complainant's Goal: Request immediate action persons who are harassing me and my family member.
Complainant's Target: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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