Ebay India - Product not delivered, want refund of the product.
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Complaint by: Deepak Bajaj on April 2, 2017, 11:01 pm in Ebay Scams

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Sub: Fraud done by ebay & its seller(with proof).

Item Name: O General 2 Ton Split AC White (ASGA24JCC)
Item Id: 152461966248
Date of Purchase: 12/03/2017.
Email id: deep.bajaj1991@gmail.com
Registered no. on ebay: 9802801900
Ebay service request no. : 1-108682924640

(I have proof of all these incidents as mail and call recordings). Please find the attached recordings & screenshots.
I placed a bid on auction on ebay & received a mail on 10/03/17 that “You won with a Rs. 33,000.00 bid! The next step is to pay.” also written ‘You've committed to buy this item.’ Seller messaged me on ebay that the final amount will be Rs.27,500 with installation & shipping charges. I got an ebay message from seller giving account details in name of ebay. On 11/03/17, I confirmed this from ebay they said account is of ebay but ask for the link for payment, I also asked price is very less from MRP 71,480 will it there be any defect or any other fault, they said ebay guarantee will be there you don’t have to worry about it. Seller provided the link,
On 12/03/17, 10:25AM; I confirmed from ebay, telecaller (Praveen) (Recording 1 at 04:40-11:17sec) confirmed that link is of ebay paisapay, safe, secure, ebay guarantee will be there & the money will be transferred to ebay, after raising doubt about seller that he might be fraud and I don’t want money to get transfer in his account directly he assured me they’re having proper documentation of seller & it’ll come under ebay guarantee so I don’t need to worry.
After double confirmation, I made the payment through link.
Easebuzz ID : TRFTF8WN8A
Transaction ID : S5HVB288
On ebay messages I sent a message to seller ‘We have successfully paid the amount through link now please ship it asap and also send me tracking detail and invoice of product.’ Seller sent me invoice & updated shipping details which was invalid, so I asked for valid details, seller had not picked my calls (Seller’s contact: 8884897001, 8884901002) then I left him a message on ebay to provide me valid tracking details. Contacted ebay on 17, 19 & 20/03/17 they escalated the concern, raised complaint (ts027310) & will ask paisapay id & shipping details & said they’re already working on it.

On 22/03/17, 4:54PM; I talked with ebay floor supervisor (Nidhi) who earlier told me to ask link for payment & make payment of Rs.27,500 not Rs.33,000 as asked by the seller, this was the first time they said payment was made offline but at the end of discussion she assured me (Recording 2 at 46:10-47:11sec) that I’ll get my refund in my account within 2 days.

24/03/17, 02:03 PM; I asked for transaction id as payment was not received, telecaller(Ritika) (Recording 3 at 07:30-17:47sec) said system is slow & assured me I’ll get my money by evening in my account as the case is already escalated by floor supervisor (Nidhi).

After that I talked with many ebay telecallers, floor supervisors, team leader & team manager wrote a mail but not getting any prompt response either they are denying for the refund or asking time for the resolution but not giving any. They’re neither providing ebay guarantee which they said they’ll, nor they fulfilled their commitment of refund within 2 days.

Please help me in getting my refund as they are not giving any prompt response.

Thanks & Regards
Deepak Bajaj

Complainant's Goal: To get refund
Complainant's Target: Ebay India
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaHissar

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