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Complaint by: kushagra rastogi on April 28, 2010, 12:23 pm in Online Shopping

Offer given not being fulfilled

I have made an purchase of Sony 220 camera from online shopping website ebay.in.That time they have floated christmas & new year offer; wherein every customer was entitled for a specific gift as per the invoice value.There were some options given to each customer for choosing the free gift in each slab.

I have paid Rs.10,850/- for the same and got entitled for the free gift and thus opted for a swatch watch , which was supposed to get delivered within 45 days of purchase. Its been more than 4 months , I have bought this camera but still waiting for the wrist watch.

1st time when i have lodged the complaint on 2nd feb\'2010 , I have been told it has come back since nobody was there at delivery location. Assuming they are right , how long will it take to dispatch the same gift again. Moreover,if any consignee is not available at delivery location , he/she should be contacted via mail or phone , which was never being done in our case.

Now , whenever I am contacting these people , I always get a new commitment for next 7 or 15 days. But its high time no action has been taken. Everytime they are just buying time by some or other way.Now I am really hopeless to get anything from there side and really feeling cheated, since this purchase was made only due to this offer , otherwise we could have purchased the same product at a lesser price in the market.

I really dont know what to do in such a case and where to go for some resolution. Hope to get some supportive action from your side.

Best Regards,
Kushagra Rastogi
+91 9310617889

Complainant's Goal: I want that commitment to be fulfilled else I should get compensation.
Complainant's Target: Ebay India
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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