South Central Railway - Overcharging of water bottle at stall no 19 PF no 2
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Complaint by: NAVEEN KUMAR on March 21, 2017, 11:24 am in Retail Stores

I took platform ticket with no 22459256 at 16:21 hrs on 19/03/2017 to drop my parents to board visakha express at platform no 2 Secunderabad Railway station.I approached Stall no 19,PF -2 for purchase of 2 water bottles.I gave Rs 50 and asked him to give change.He gave only rs 10.Then i asked what is rate of water bottle the he told Rs17 and gave me Rs 6 back. Eventhough the rate of water bottle is only 15/- they are charging extra.In train various other vendor services are charging Rs 20/- instead of Rs 15/-.I wish to necessary appropriate action against the vendors.

Complainant's Goal: Action against overcharging by vendor
Complainant's Target: South Central Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad

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Sun, 29 Oct 2017  Mvb

Sir today 29-10-2017 around 10:30 pm in 12764 padmavathi express left mahbubabaf station hijras disturbed all passengers in general compartment please do any action

Mon, 03 Apr 2017  bh nayak

We are requested to our South Central Railway, recently one train arrange from Guntur to Hubli. The Train No 07225 Please Continue this facility and save the more employees and passengers.

Sun, 02 Apr 2017  arun agrvale

मे अरून आगरवाल मेरी काँटीग एक नबर फलाटफोम पर हे मुझे और बाकी काँटीग वाले को C.I हारी बाबु हपते मगते है और एक एक काँटीग पर होकर लोक 15 से 20 होकर काम करते हे 3 नबर फलाटफाम पर 3 काँटीग है होकर 35 से चालीस हे वडा और समोसा 30 एक समोसा और 25 वडा देते है