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Complaint by: DALBIR RAWAT on June 19, 2009, 9:57 pm in Banking and Finance


On Feb’09 , I have applied the HOME LOAN (BALANCE TRANSFER) from my existing bank ICICI BANK HOME FINANCE LTD to AXIS BANK-(Gurgaon Sec-14 branch). However, it came to my attention through one of my telephonic discussion with the Axis Bank that they have rejected my case. Since then I have been doing rigorously follow-up through an e-mail & telephone (Please see the chain of the e-mail below) for refund the processing fee (amounting Rs. 4115 (Cheque No.. 803521 which was cleared on 27/02/2009) .

On April\'09 I got to know that my refund fee case was under consideration with Mr Ajay Hanspal M# 9212035189 Axis Bank –Gurgaon Sector-14 but his laid back attitude & non customer orientation behaviour made me very upset. On 11/06/09 at 5:00p.m. I had called Mr. Ajay Hanspal (AXIS BANK ) regarding my refund fee cheque status & requested him to pursue my case at the earliest as 5 months has already gone. He said bluntly the Axis Bank will not return my refund fee money as my loan had approved & due to technical problem its got rejected thus the Bank is not responsible & i have to bear the process fee.

My concern is:

Initially bank evaluated my all papers than only he assured me that i am eligible for BALANCE TRANSFER (I have shown registry paper/my salary slip/residence proof/layout drawing). The bank should raised the alarm on that point of time that my case cannot be put on board due to short of paper or vise-a versa.

After debited the processing fee amount the Bank said no for my HOME LOAN (Balance Transfer) & now also denied to refund the same amount. Is the bank purpose is only minting the money through processing fee or they also believed for focusing on their deliverable.

If my case had rejected or approved than bank should dispatched written intimation (Under right to information). In my case it had missing, me is the one who have been follow-up with banks since Feb\'09 (earlier for approval than for refund the processing fee). When I have asked with Mr.. Ajay Hanspal (Axis Bank) about written intimation he said this is not the bank duty for dispatching the intimation letter, however if I requesting today (11/06/09) he will send me an e-mail. This shows Bank negligence & their employees rude behaviour toward the customers.

After the long discussion with Mr. Ajay Hanspal he offered me 50% refund fee amount as a special case. When i had insisted him for 100% refund, as my fault was no-where. He told me now he will give me nothing, for that he also forwarded to me an e-mail. On last week also i have tried to sort out this matter by own & send an e-mail to MR. AJAY HANSPAL. I have requested him to send my rejected case in writing so that i also know where i am in fault for which bank is deducting money. However, again he sit on my an email & have been keep long silence on that.

For me it is very pathetic situation that Instead for giving me full amount of process fee the bank personnel is offering only 50% refund fee as I am asking for any charity. Instead for giving interest for kept my money so long bank is deducting my whole hard earn money for nothing.

The AXIS BANK play a foul roll & cheated to me. Please investigate the case as there should be full stop on private bank self made rules for their interest only .

Your kind intervene in this subject is requested to save my hard earn money.

Yours truly,


(M) 9999200991

Complainant's Goal: refund the processing fee
Complainant's Target: Axis Bank
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon

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I support this complaint.


I support this complaint.


I support this complaint.

Sun, 21 Jun 2009  Message from Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Axis Bank on June 21, 2009, 11:42 am