Government Employee - Non-receipt of Updated Aadhaar Letter from UIDAI since 1.11.12
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Complaint by: DEB on February 8, 2013, 5:17 pm in Government and Police

Dear Sirs,

Sub: Non-receipt of Updated Aadhaar Letter from UIDAI Authority under Planning Commission,
Govt. of India, New Delhi after complied with all the formalities (my earlier Aadhaar

With deep regret, I would like to inform you that after sending several letters as well as reminders through email to Mr. Nandan Nilkani, Chairman; Mr. Srikar M.S., PS to Chairman; Mr. M S Seetharaman, Dy. Director General of UIDAI; President; Prime Minister; Finance Minister of India; Cabinet Secretary in India; PS to Dy. Chairman; Shri Shatrughan Lal, Consultant (PAMD), Planning Commission, New Delhi; Sri S. R. Biswas, Jt. Secretary Department of Consumer Affairs; Chief Minister of West Bengal and other responsible officers, I received a copy of e-Aadhaar with an error in my address instead of original Aadhaar Card from Mr. R.I.S. Bhardwaj, Section Officer, UIDAI Department, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi vide letter F.No.13014/6/2011-Logistics dated 17.08.2012 on 21.08.12. They took time more than 365 days from the date of my enrollment i.e. 5.7.11 to send me the same through email instead of maximum 90 days.

Please note that as advised by Mr. Suraj Kumar Sinha, Deputy Director, Govt. of India, Planning Commission, New Delhi vide his email dated 25.10.12 along with a letter vide F.No.4(4)/57/111/2011-RoB/Vol.II dated 16.10.12, I sent an “AADHAAR DATA UPDATE / CORRECTION FORM FOR REQUEST” duly filled in and signed along with photocopy of Bank Passbook as evidence to UIDAI, RO, Ranchi on 1.11.12 by Post. Copies forwarded to Mr. Sinha and Mr. B. Ghosh, Section Officer with enclosures for their doing the needful.

After that, I sent four reminders through email dated 20th, 27th Nov., 7th Dec., 2012 & 2nd Jan., 2013 to Mr. Arbind Prasad, Assistant Director General, UIDAI Regional Office, Ranchi but in vain.

As requested by Mr. Pandey Vijay Bhushan Prasad, Asstt Director General (Training), UIDAI Regional Office, Ranchi over phone on 7.01.13, I sent the photocopies & scan copies of the “AADHAAR DATA UPDATE / CORRECTION FORM FOR REQUEST” duly filled in and signed along with enclosures to him both on 8.01.13 by Post and through email for updation/correction. Also, I sent several emails to Mr. Sinha and Mr. B. Ghosh but no result.

Also, kindly note that I have started to correspond with PMO since March 2012 against which I received letters vide Ref Nos. (1) PMO ID No.11/3/2012-PMP2/395474 dt. 11.06.12, (2) No.11/3/2012-PMP2/396868 dt. 12.06.12, (3) No.11/3/2012-PMP2/400925 dt. 20.06.12 & (4) No. 11/3/2012-PMP2/417469 dt. 23.08.12 from Mr Pavan Malviya, Section Officer of PMO addressed to the Secy, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi against my six emails dated 12.3.12, 10.5.12, 25.5.12, 7.6.12, 18.6.12 & 4.7.12. As and when, the pressure came from PMO, the concerned authorities started to take initiative to solve my problem for few days only. Again they are sleeping now. I sent another two reminders to PM on 29.01.13 & 7.02.13 for getting my updated Aadhaar letter without any further delay as three months had already been elapsed from the date of submission of Updated Form to UIDAI, RO, Ranchi.

Last three letters one received from your Mr. Biswajit Ghosh, Section Officer vide F. No. 4(4)/57/111/2011/UIDAI/RoB/Pt. dated 15.01.13 and other two copies of letters vide Ref. Nos. UIDAI/Misc./File/Trg/2013/671 & UIDAI/Misc./File/Trg/2013/954 dated 14.01.13 & 08.01.13 respectively from Mr. Pandey Vijay Bhusan Prasad, Asstt. Director General (Trg), UIDAI, RO, Ranchi addressed to Asstt. Director General (ROB Division), UIDAI, Hdqrs 3rd floor, Jeevan Bharti Bldg, Connaught Circus, New Delhi-1 which please note. It has come to my knowledge through the aforesaid two letters that the updation of Aadhaar letter had already been uploaded by UIDAI officials on 12.01.13 and the data packet would undergo various checks & validations before a fresh Aadhaar letter is issued. Also, I received URN (updated Request Number) 000/00111/51126 from UIDAI authority through SMS on 12th Jan 2013. When I check the updated Status to their website, it shows “Your request has been verified and awaiting approval”. I do not know how many days they will take for issuing the same to me.

You are requested to kindly look into this matter very seriously and do the needful without further delay.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Dilip Kumar Deb
C/o, Late Bhupal Chandra Deb
106/E/9, Maharaja Nanda Kumar Road (South)
Near Darjipara Harisabha
P.O. Baranagar
Kolkata – 700 036
Mobile : 9163637939

Complainant's Goal: I like to get Updated Aadhaar Letter immediately.
Complainant's Target: Government Employee
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNew Delhi

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Fri, 01 Mar 2013   Message By Complainant DILIP KUMAR DEB

Till today I have not received my updated Aadhaar Letter from UIDAI, RO, Ranchi as well as Planning Commission, Govt. of India. New Delhi inspite of my several reminders to PMO & ADG(Trg) of UIDAI, RO, Ranchi & Others. Please do the needful immediately.