Ebay India - non receipt of item and usage of money for 18 days.
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Complaint by: Chinmay Joshi on February 6, 2015, 1:19 pm in Ebay Scams

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Dear Sir, I had paid Rs. 13721 to buy Micromax Canvas Gold on 18th January 2015 (Product Code: 251765856497) to be delivered to Nagpur Address. The Ebay Seller ID was justbuy_2014. (Located in Chennai) As per the timelines the product was supposed to be delivered to me on or before 29th January 2015. Further when it followed up with Ebay it was told to me that the product will be delivered by Bluedart. On 30th January, Ebay cancelled my order without stating any reason and initiated the refund process. On 4th January (today) the refund process was approved. The refund will be paid back to me in 7 days. It is my apprehension that the seller or ebay has cancelled this order because the prices of that particular model of mobile have increased since 18th January 2015. The hike in prices is substantial enough for any seller to cancel the earlier locked lower price to earn higher benefit. As per contract act when buyer and seller have agreed and when buyer has paid for the amount then seller has to perform his obligation. In this case the seller and ebay have not performed their part of promise just because the price of the mobile has increased before the delivery date. In this whole process, i made the payment for the mobile by my credit card and as my credit cycle was nearing, i had to pay back to credit card company. Thus even if i get the refund back in the credit card account, i will not be refunded the payment already made to credit card company. As such i have to compulsorily spend that amount to make the balance zero. Following are my grievances: 1) Thus Ebay or Seller has in this process used my money for more than 21days without any benefit to me. 2) I did not get the mobile in the price which i locked on 18th January 2015 (As the prices have increased now.) I had made several followups in the above matter, but neither ebay team nor seller provided any kind of resolution. They only blamed bluedart that they could not pick up the parcel. I now need resolution in this matter by way of compensation in money or discount in the mobile price below the locked in price of 18th January 2015 i.e. Rs.13721. Thanks Chinmay 9096435444

Complainant's Goal: Resolution by allowing a deep discount on the item
Complainant's Target: Ebay India
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra

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Thu, 12 Feb 2015 - Business Reply from - eBay India (Ebay India)

Dear Chinmay, Thank you for sharing your concern with us, We regret for the inconvenience caused. There are some unfortunate situations when our sellers are not able to deliver the orders. We are glad to inform you that we have processed your refund and you have received the same.

Wed, 11 Feb 2015   Message By Complainant Chinmay Joshi

I had recommended to ban this seller on Ebay considering his ill and fraudulent intent. But Ebay is still allowing the seller to promote the products on their website.

The resolution i want is to provide me atleast 10% discount on the locked in price of 13721Rs. That come out to Rs. 12349. I am ready to pay Rs. 12349 for the said handset.

Wed, 11 Feb 2015   Message By Complainant Chinmay Joshi

The Paisa pay ID Was 38414946061.
I have received the refund of my money however the money was locked in for more than 17 days without any benefit to me.
Further the same seller justbuy_2014 is again selling same mobile on Ebay for 15600.
This clearly shows that the seller and ebay both wanted to deprive me of the benefit of price locked by me.
I am now going to take this matter to all the available forums.