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Complaint by: Anjali Khanna on February 14, 2017, 5:31 pm in Colleges and Universities

As I have informed you already, I can t continue with the program due to my health problem and not got proper support from your side for the course studies. Your staff has no knowledge moreover the chairman seems tudied from a local University with no proper knowledge.

Actually today I have surveyed about Jims University all the complaints against universities over here so finally i found that you are the one of the leading Grievances holder & most of complaints against your unfair fee strucutre policies. why are the most of complaints against your JIMS university,?? that means many students are
suffering from your unfair practices & still if there is such kind of drawbacks in your policies then why don't u amend it so that students can get relief. No doubt you are playing safe but this is not the matter of playing with students. you are here for students welfare not for personal monetary desires. & in which book of law is written that student can't withdraw from their studies but still your university insist not for withdraw from program & in which book of law is written that the study which he is not studying anymore, he has to pay. & please sir, now don't say me to mail to ssd & waiting for the necessary action cause now this is not the matter of you & me only,
thousands of students are waiting for your answer on this mail.

Jims University is known to be with good ethics among their students but believe me they are ridiculous people who is teaching with no great attitude. Also find attached to see the public notice from UGC.

The attached notification by UGC dated April 22, 2007, is one of the best office orders as far as student rights are concerned. It clearly mandates that no Govt. approved institution can retain fees, as well as the original certificates. Even withdrawals after the start of the course must be pro rata. But Its seems Jims University has nothing inbound to follow any govt. rule because they are themselves fraud and being anti-govt. IDIOTS!!!

So consider my request and refund. If you still don't want to refund , I will file a case against you in the court.
Also will publish this issue in media like all TV channels and leading news papers.I am expecting the refund as early as possible.

Complainant's Goal: Jagan Institute of Management Studies Fraud
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNorth West Delhi

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