Apple India Private Limited - iPhone Service centre- big cheats !
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Complaint by: on December 19, 2015, 9:46 am in Mobile and Cell Phones

Dear Concerned,

Customer ID: 112238
Name: Rupali Tripathi
Address: E 1203 park view city 1 sohna road sec 48 Gurgaon Haryana India 122018
Product: iPhone 5C
Serial Number Of Device: F78MM41XFL01.

I had purchased an iphone 5c last year in June 2014. The handset created some software issue in February 2015 and when I had shown it to the Apple service centre at S-114 1st Floor, Sahara Mall, Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon- 122001, Haryana, India, I was told that the handset has an issue and the same will have to be replaced. As a customer, I had no choice but to agree to the change of the device. I am attaching the job sheets for your reference.

Today, when again I had a problem in the handset and went to show the same to the same Apple service centre, they tell me that the two internal parts are missing in the handset which is the reason for its non-functioning. I am shocked when the service centre refused to accept the handset saying internal components are missing from the set. If internal parts are missing, how was I supposed to know this? If a defective handset was handed over to me in February in exchange of my product that I purchased for Rs. 36,000, how am I responsible? Was I shown the internal machinery inside a phone at that time describing me various internal components? If NOT, then how was I supposed to check this???? This time I feel cheated as a customer by a brand like APPLE, whom we trust blindly!

I am now told that the handset will not even be looked for repair options because of the missing components !!!! I am surprised that who is checking whether internal components found missing were even checked when Apple handed me over a new handset in february? I would not even have known if it was mentioned in the job sheet at all? I have begun to question the credibility & integrity of a brand by knowing this shocking theory!

The executive at Apple service centre has stated in his job report that the handset is damaged with scratches. I am aghast at the rude behaviour of the staff and am attaching the pics of my handset for you to examine how many scratches it has! It is one of my prized possession and has been kept with utmost care.

I dont even know if I my escalation will really help...but I am angry at the brand's audacity to call me a cheat (atleast implictly by telling me that the internal missing components are my fault! )...and I am definitely looking for a better solution to this than to the rude answer on my face that the handset is irreparable!

I am looking for a solution to my problem. Apple cannot loot the customers of their money as well as the trust!


Complainant's Goal: To get justice and my iPhone back!
Complainant's Target: Apple India Private Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryana

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