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Complaint by: jpabba2108 on May 5, 2018, 12:20 am in Others


Sub.: Complaint against Electricity Bill CRN No. 3412 05417 (USC No.108041250) (Regarding excess bill for the month of November 2017 due to Meter running fast) Meter No 15727080, CAT Domestic. Cherlapally office.


This is with reference to the Complaint against electricity bill. The above meter is in the name of of Laxmaiah Pabba vide CRN No.: CRN No. 3412 05417 (USC No.108041250) Bhagwan colony, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad 500062

We received the electricity bill for the period of 10.10.2017 to 10.11.2017 and I got shocked when I saw the bill i.e. for Rs 6,226.00. Last bill, which I was paid for the month of September 2017 was for Rs. 571/- for Unit 143.We have made a complaint on about the meter is fast running, Vide complain I called electrical officer Kashiram,, he came to my home ,for which the TSPDCL turned up on 20th October 2017 for checking and found to be the meter is faulty and it was reading fast than actual reading. He said this meter need to submit LB Nagar TSPDCL office, they will find the reason, will give new meter, but cross checked meter and they kept there, gave letter it was fine, take new meter from Cherlapally office, why this person said meter is fine, if it is fine he need to give to me, to escape from this issue, he said meter was fine, with his judgement one common man losing RS6,000, government should not encourage this type of employees, here actual problem is meter was running very fast, due to this units shown more and bill also levied much, which was already identified by Kashiram, one fine day I went cherlapally office, I explained this issue to AE, he said you should pay compulsory RS 6,226, no one will give refund and resolve it. He took that letter and said our people will fit new meter, first you have to bill amount. Why should I pay, if meter is running fast due to meter problem, this is meter problem, they will fit new meter and average bill we have pay, hence please look into this issue, solve it in ASP.

It is not at all possible to consume for a domestic consumer of total 792 units in a single span of 30 days, as most of the days we are out of town. This is excess billing need to be checked properly at your end which can be due to not proper reading taken by the executive authorized for this area. Therefore you are kindly requested to please correct/rectify the bill and take necessary action

You request to kindly consider the request and advise

Thanking you,
Jagadish pabba
Mobile no: 9866116008

Complainant's Goal: Refund of my power bill which problem with meter running fast
Complainant's Target: none
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad

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