Apple India - Ideation Store people has opened and tampered my mobile
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Complaint by: siddaraju on October 23, 2017, 11:10 pm in Mobile and Cell Phones

This is Siddaraju from mysore, Karnataka, India.
I had taken two iPhone SE of 64gb on 31st March 2017. One with silver for me and another of rose gold for my friend.
Two days back
My rose gold iPhone SE fell in water
At that I was not able to taken it to iPhone Service Center.
I called ideation center and asked Sir my mobile fell in Water, what should I do and how much will it cost. He said sir I told you to get insurance for your mobile but you didn’t get it done, see now.
I said sir it was by Miss, please guide me something. He said I told for this itself
Accidents will happen and you don’t listen to us
Then after asking one more time he said go ideation but at that time it was closed.
But seeing YouTube, I wiped and shook my mobile kept mobile in rice from night to morning. Then morning again I wiped once more and then pressed twenty times home and power button as it was told in YouTube. Then it was on. Then I went at 11.50 Am to ideation center in B M Habitat Mall, Mysore, gave them telling all things happened and what all I did and said it’s asking for restore, so please get it done. They said it needs one hour so can you wait. Since I had duty at 1 Pm, I went off saying you get it ready Evening and I will collect it. Then they took from that center to D D Urs road ideation center. There is no Mobile allowed for me in our company so I had kept in locker and went in to do my duty. I came to break at 3.30 pm but I had for a call from ideation D D Urs Road Center at 2.51 pm. Seeing that I called at 3.32 pm and asked about the status. They said sir sorry it should be given to planet care that is iphone Service Center. So I said I don’t have break, so I will come and collect Evening. They said it will be open till 9 pm. You can come and collect. I went at around 7.30 pm and collected and came back to duty. I finished my duty at 10 pm. Then went home at 10.25 pm. I had my dinner and slept. Morning(21-10-2017) I got up late around 11.30 am. This day was weekoff for me. Then for freshed myself went to ideation at 2.30 pm. Then told them about problem. He said sorry sir I can’t do repair it. I asked why not. Then he showed me that the screw on bottom of iPhone was in silver colour and the screw will be off same colour of phone, your mobile colour is rose gold and the screw should be in same colour. He said if anything has been taken or damaged, that Blake will be in me and II won’t take it and repair. I said I had given to ideation where I purchased my mobile. So they insisted they can’t do, so I went back to ideation of D D Urs Road outlet and asked why you have removed, then that said no we didn’t, I asked them to confirmation letter that they have not opened so let me ask planet Care to do Service.
First the person who received my mobile(Deepu) said yes,I will give you letter & you can see video clipping, I will give that proof also but at that time another employee came(Ameed), he was the one who gave my mobile back. He said sorry sir we can’t give. He called someone named Suraj over phone and said another person who was about to give letter, don’t give letter. Then I talked with a person called Suraj who’s the head over for Mysore. He said ok to me but within a minute he called Ameed and said not to give. Then he(Suraj) called me again and asked me to go to planet care I will ask why you are not taking iphone for Service. I went to planet Care and called Suraj and gave mobile. Then he said to give the mobile to Service Center person so he’ll talk to him, Service Center person said sorry sir we can’t take mobile which is irrelevant to our policy. Then I talked with Suraj. He said give me five minutes, I will call You back at 4.38 pm. He didn’t turn up until 6.30 pm so I called twice around 4.52 pm but he didn’t receive. Third time I called it was not reachable. I had sent message on WhatsApp saying I will complain on Apple page. Even after reading the message, he has not replied.
So now I request you to take action on those three people and get my iphone as it was given, or else I can get a complaint registered for this and have a case complained on these three people. Basically I will complain against Ameed for misbehaving and irrelevant answers on phone and changing decisions and doing according to his needs and also for not giving letter
and Suraj for not responding for customer complain and making false promises. But first person was responding good and he answered all my calls but Ameed and Suraj are totally unfit to serve customers.
I want my iPhone in previous way and I doubt that something fishy has been done to my iPhone and I need a specialist to be with me and get the product opened.
So please do the needful.
I had texted Apple head through mail with full details and images but no response till now. I got the email if in google. It was

With regards
Siddaraju K,
Mysore, Karnataka

Complainant's Goal: I want my mobile to be repaired or get the new one.
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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