Airtel Delhi - I have got worst service from Airtel managers
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Complaint by: altos on May 15, 2013, 9:01 am in Telecommunications

I am changing out my PRI & Mobile numbers to another service provider. I am the customer of Airtel since 2009. I was planning to take 50 new sims for my employees, for GPS and another PRI number for my corporate. After the issues detailed below, i am not going to even think about it, infact we have several airtel connections & broadband in my company, we are porting out of your service.

I got very worst service from three managers of airtel, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu division. They are Gopal, Suresh & Tharun (Lakshmi mills, Coimbatore). They talked with me in abusive and vulgar language. They don’t know how to behave with the customers.
First They forced me to take the Airtel PRI number 0422-4400004, which i really didn’t want to take, for my new business venture, and without using the connection, i have paid around 1 lakh rupees as its monthly rent. Since, i really didn’t like the number, i asked him to supply new fancy PRI number.
Gopal told me if I clear the pending amount Rs. 42,000 rupees of old number, some amount will be waved off from the settlement amount and he will get me another PRI number, which is more fancy & easy to remember. So, issued him cheque for Rs.42,000/- and opted 0422- 4041424. Soon after getting confirmation of this new number, they started forcing me again for activating this new number(0422-4041424). I told them that i want the number only after 2 months. Then they started compelling me, blaming me and insulting me. Since both Gopal & Suresh were in target pressure, they wanted me to activate the number. No courtesy at all. They talked to me as if i am their subordinate.

They started calling me continuously, insulting me & forcing me like anything for getting the new number activated. I explained my situation frankly & told them that without using i don’t want to spend again for rent, as i already wasted money for the first PRI, 4400004 & asked them 1 week time for activating it. But they were not ready to listen me & they wanted to close the target for February month through me. So i told Suresh to give his superior’s number, thinking that, i can tell my problems to his boss atleast. Then he started teasing me, insulting again & told, he can give me Airtel Mittal’s number & asked me to call & talk to MITTAL directly. He is very rude and non sense guy.

Hoo..I don't even have the words to express how worst their words are. They don’t bother about customer satisfaction. Leave out satisfaction, they don’t even bother about the language they use. This is not the first time they are behaving like this.

Recently we have changed our office to new address & I called up Gopal again for asking the formalities for change of address of my Landline 0422- 4206878 & PRI 0422 – 4041424, then he started shouting on me like anything. Since he is the top member of Coimbatore division, he knew that i will call him again for new airtel connections. He just rudely told me that without clearing the previous amounts, airtel will not give us any new connections. I told him that i will clear the pending amount within 1 day, but he was not even willing to listen me. He asked me to cancel all the airtel numbers, and said " do whatever you want to do, i don’t care “ and bangs/cuts the phone on me.

I couldn’t understand the problem. So, i went directly to Lakshmi mills, Coimbatore, airtel office & asked them what i need to do for getting these two numbers activated again. The office executives told me to clear the pending dues for the two numbers, 0422- 4206878 & PRI 0422- 4041424. I cleared the till date pending due there & asked when i will get connection. She told within 6-7 days, both the numbers will be activated.

From that day we are waiting for them to give connection. Now its 21 days passed. Still i am waiting for those connections. My taxi business is depended on PRI number. I lost huge amount of business, Company’s goodwill, customers because of this PRI number. I have spent lakhs & lakhs in advertisement using this PRI number, 0422- 4041424.

Yesterday, i.e, 14.May.2013, i went directly to Airtel’s Lakshmi mills, Coimbatore office. Actually i thought to clear all the pending amount, if that is the actual issue of the bad response from airtel. I explained all my problems, then the executive told, i have to pay Rs. 42,000 for my old PRI number, 0422 – 4400004 & then only they will release my new PRI number. I asked them about the actual relation b/w these two old numbers & why you are playing with our business profit by blocking the PRI without any information. Then the executive started blabbering something & suggested me to talk to their manager & i told yes.

Then the manager came. He is Mr. Tharun (Manager, Lakshmi mills, Coimbatore). I asked him why these problems are happening with our PRI. Rudely he replied “You clear your pending amount, then only we will clear your all the connections”. I told, “You are talking about your pending amount Rs. 42,000/- , but do you know how much i lost for these 21 days, only because you are taking 21 days for a change of address process”. Immediately he replied, “Sir, You can go to consumer court & claim those amount from Airtel directly.” I got shocked. Being a manager he is not supposed to encourage a customer to go to consumer court. That too i was in a plan to clear the pending amount & if he was suggesting me to clear the pending amount, i would have paid all the pending due. In this case, he the manager, Mr. Tharun, himself, gave me idea of going to Court. I said ok & came out of Airtel office. Then one person, another customer of Airtel came to me & told that he was watching how the manager was talking to us & told me from morning the manager is suggesting all the customers, who are coming for queries, to go to consumer court, without trying to understand the customer’s problem. I said “Managers are behaving like trainees. What to do” & i came back.

Immediately i called another service provide for new PRI connection & night itself he gave me the list & i finalised the new PRI.

Since Airtel’s managers are irresponsible persons & Your Managers, Mr. Gopal & Mr. Suresh advised me to talk to Mittal, i am writing this mail. I think, this mail will reach Mr. Mittal’s attention.

For me, since i am a customer, i can change the network, if i am getting worst service form Airtel. But for Airtel it is a heavy loss. Day by day you are missing lots of customers because of these idiot managers. What if i am going to consumer court & explain all my losses with perfect proofs, as your manager Mr. Tharun suggested.??? Actually who will bear my loss for these 21 days..???

The Airtel managers (Coimbatore, tamilnadu) are treating customers as their slaves & talking rubbish.

1. Gopal (manager) - Absolute nonsense guy/very rude/bad mouthed guy- his number- 9940171692

2. Suresh (Not sure about the designation) – Absolutely terrible- his number- 9597996622

3. Tharun – Forcing customers to go to consumer court

They are Good valued asset to airtel, who spoils the business of Airtel. I have never faced such a worst response from any service providers. WORST Managers....Worst service.

I can't understand who appointed these persons as managers ???? They don't even know the job they are doing is being funded by customer's money. If there won't be any customer, there won't be any job for them. They are the most careless and arrogant persons in airtel, I came across.
I was more offended by the behaviour of these managers than the fact that I simply wasted much money. So, please throw these managers out from your company, if you really want to get profit.

Anyway thank you so much for giving us the worst experiences till date.

An unsatisfied customer of Airtel......

Prem kumar P V
Altos Fx Trading Services Pvt ltd
R S Puram, Coimbatore

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Complainant's Target: Airtel Delhi
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduCoimbatore

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