South Eastern Railway - I am not satisfied unlawfully detain to board the train.
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Complaint by: satish on May 13, 2010, 11:40 am in Travel and Vacations

To Date: 13.05.2010
Complaining Authority,
Lobby Office (Room No.10),
Visakhapatnam Railway Station,

Sub: Unlawfully detained to Board the Visakha Express Train No.7016 in the Coach No. 13 on 13.05.2010 by some ticket less travelers and non interference by TTE which amounts to neglect of duty.

Ref: My Ticket PNR No.1345529001 and Transaction ID No. 0209703002 confirmed in Coach no. 3 Berth No. 25, 26, 41& 52.

I Sri T.Satish Kumar Patro S/O: Late T.Godabari Patro of Prem Nagar 5th Line, Berhampur, Orissa beg to state that I along with my wife and three children’s arrived at Visakhatapatnam Railway Station Plat form No.2 at 7.52 AM near the Visakha express coach No.13 to Board the Train. As 3 minutes is to left the train, so I along with my family tried to board in Coach No.13 with an intention to change the compartment in the next station. But some ticket less travelers did not allow to board in that compartment and they blocked the way door. We have also made discussions with the ticket less traveler passengers to allow us board the train. They did not listen at all to us. We told to the TTE standing near by to the A/C Coach but he did not take any response and instead of perform his duty to caught ticket less traveler, he soughted in rude voice to come in another train. In the mean time the train left the platform. As a result my self and family with lot of sadness and difficulty came to General waiting Hall at 8.35 AM along with our heavy luggages. There we got fresh and keep the luggage’s at Clock Room. Then we approached to officer who was at Lobby Office, (Room No.10) and orally complained the matter. He assured us that he will see regarding our journey to Berrhampur by Chennai-Howrah Mail or Prasanti Express. I submitting this written complain to enquiry in the matter and punish the ticket less travelers further necessary action should be taken against the TTE who is in negligence of duty.

I hope your highness will certainly do the needful.

Thanking You Yours Faithfully

(T.Satish Kumar Patro)
Mobile No: 09437323501

Complainant's Goal: I want fair service from Railway.
Complainant's Target: South Eastern Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaBiharPatna

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