Volkswagen Group sales - Faulty Volkswagon Passat Supplied
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Complaint by: Niranjan Garodia on November 27, 2012, 5:34 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Through this complaint I would like to seek proper justice in this regard. It will help me in taking this matter more forcefully and prevent any such cases in future. I would also like to take this opportunity to request you to kindly spread the word regarding defective cars supplied by Volkswagen group and also their non-responding customer grievance cell.
This ‘Problematic Passat’ has been a source of acute headache since the day it was purchased. Within months of purchase the car developed a series of technical faults like erratic AC functioning, steering lock getting jammed, hand brake signal on console screen and engine defects. On more than one occasion the car has failed to start in the middle of the road and a couple of times there has been a complete breakdown of the car. On one occasion the car had to be taken by “toe chain” to the garage as the car failed to start even by the engineers.
Even after spending lengthy amount of time in the garage, the technical errors in the car could not be rectified. In May last year the car was in the service station for more than 36 days but was returned with the same problems and had to be sent back for one more week. When one problem is rectified, the car develops another new problem. The latest problem of the car being Exhaust Gas Warning Lamp Signal on console screen. As per the technical handbook received with the car, failure to rectify the warning lamps can result in complete breakdown of the engine and major damages to vehicle. Many major parts of the car have to be replaced, but the same is not available with the workshop in India and has to be imported from Germany, causing many delays in the rectification of car.
Furthermore I am shocked to see the so called ‘customer support’ being provided by an international company of this stature. I have communicated my problems to the concerned Volkswagen Personnel all over India and even in Germany through emails, phone, mails, etc., but have never received any kind of response from anywhere. Furthermore, now they are refusing to accept my car in the service station at all.
I prefer not to travel by this ‘Problematic Passat’ whenever I am in a hurry or have to attend an urgent meeting as it can breakdown anytime, any day. I am really tortured and harassed by the negligent & harum-scarum behavior of the Volkswagen Group. If such defects had appeared in Passat anywhere in Europe then the company would have replaced the car but in India no one is even ready to look into the matter.
Sir I am facing great embarrassment due to the intolerable behavior of the Company.
This attitude has forced me to seek your intervention in the matter and request you to help me in getting the replacement of the car and proper justice so that none of the Indian Consumer are cheated and harassed by a Foreign Company like VOLKSWAGEN.

Complainant's Goal: Replacement of the Faulty Car
Complainant's Target: Volkswagen Group sales
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon

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Recent Comments
Sun, 08 Jun 2014  Viswanatha

Mr Gadoria, Have you filed a Complaint with District Consumer Complaint Redressal Court. If not do it immediately through an advocate. Here is an example of a case decided by the court.:-
Monday, 2 June 2014 - 9:26am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

The Central Mumbai district's consumer dispute redressal forum has held the Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt Ltd and Volkswagen Downtown Mumbai-Shaman Cars Pvt Ltd, guilty of providing a faulty car to its customer, thus directing them to refund the cost of the car to the consumer. The forum has directed the two to pay back Rs9,48,088 to the consumer, along with nine per cent interest rate on the amount from October 2011. The forum has further directed them to pay Rs25,000 towards the complainant's mental agony along with an additional amount of Rs10,000 towards the complainant's litigation cost.
The forum, after going through the evidence, asked the firm to file its reply, to which the latter claimed that there was no manufacturing defect. "The complainant is a frequent traveller to Nasik with considerable road speed and has driven the car roughly. The problem was also due to rough driving, rough roads and pot holes. We then informed the complainant that it was repaired and called him to take the delivery of the car and we were thus not at fault."
The forum, after going through the evidence held, "It is most important that a customer feels confident, safe and secure while travelling in the vehicle purchased by him after spending a huge amount. The company cannot avoid its liability by saying that the complainant has driven the car roughly and that the problem was due to rough roads, pot holes and excessive use. One purchases a car for use and not for keeping it in a showcase."
The forum thus held the firm guilty of providing faulty services to its consumer, and directed it to pay the fine.

Sun, 08 Jun 2014  Viswanatha

To day through the Net I also found that the VW INDIA after supplying defective cars, then repair it, and claim Insurance. Are the Two Cos hand in glove? I doubt it, as I have insurance of my TATA Indica (10yr old) with the same Co (BAJAJ ALIANZA) and we had no problem. Is VW India defrauding B A Insurance co also????????? with unsuspecting Customers.

Sun, 08 Jun 2014  Viswanatha

You are all lucky you could drive the car for few days. I drove out a VW POLO(Diesel) and stopped at a fuel stn just about less than 100mtrs out side the Dealers Showroom. When my daughter who was driving the car started the car we heard a strange sound of metal knocking against metal coming out of engine. It was late in evening and we drove home with the car and reported the matter to the Sales executive about the defect.
Our Motor mechanic who drove the veh for 10(Ten) yards stopped the car and pronounced a major defect in the engine.
Next day I reported the matter to the Sales executive and she sent a person to take the vehicle to their workshop at Rajajinagar Bangalore. The person returned the car same evening and when queried said that the car had CHOKING PROBLEM. (Imagine CHOKING PROBLEM in diesel Cars- Probably They can only occur in VW with their super expertise.
The sound persisted and at the time while starting it was sounding like a OLD TRACTOR. To day I found through NET the Phenomenon is global - even in US. I had requested the dealers to replace the car and now I have Changed my mind I will seek refund of money with compensation and interest.