Apple India - Faulty IPhone 7plus
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Complaint by: yuvika on May 13, 2017, 12:54 am in Consumer Electronics

My husband bought me a gift on my anniversary an iPhone 7plus on 17th Feb, Serial no: F2MSYJSAHG04, It has been working very slow and even hanging since day 1, as my baby was just 1 month old at that time I could not focus too much to complain about the same, but just after couple of days I called the apple service Center to get the problem resolved, after a very long conversation and all software update and force start and every possible thing they could do online they failed to make my phone working fine, they asked me to take it to the authorised apple service centre which is in DLF MALL NOIDA,with the name of IZENICA, when I took the phone there they asked me to submit the phone with them for couple of days so that they can run a diagnosis on it to find out the problem, I submitted my phone with them, just the next day they called me stating that there was some issue which has been resolved now and there will be no problem with the phone now. Although I was not too happy to find out that there was some problem with my brand new phone which cost Rs 70000/-, but as My frequent visits to mall in this heat was already troubling my baby who was just around 2month old at that time,I thought of just compromising on the situation and thinking that at least now my phone will be working fine,I got that back Home. But my bad luck,it went worst with the phone hanging. I again tried calling apple support to find out a solution as it was very difficult to carry my baby everytime to the mall where alsos I had to pay 200 for parking. This time my call landed to the senior executive team,which I thought will be useful thing as they can help me with the problem, but unfortunately even by them I was asked to go to IZENICA ,but they said that this time they will be talking to the service manager on our behalf to tell the problem as fortunately this time I collected enough evidence of my phone hanging and screen freezing as a video and pictures,which was shared with the senior executive team by an email. So I again went to IZENICA AGAIN CARRYING MY BABY , there they again asked me to submit the phone and when I asked them to give me a standby phone utilities I have submitted my phone with them as it is not easy to survive without phone these days,they told me that "today I submit the phone and after diagnosis they will call me to tell wether I m eligible for a loaner device or not(stand by handset)that meant I had to again come to mall to collect the loaner handset, after a got 1hour heated conversation,the store maganger understood the problem and took decision to give us a loaner device. Since then for many days I kept calling the apple support team to find out if what is wrong with my phone,where the senior executive team also did it had any answer to my questions and I get a message from IZENICA after 5days that they accept that there is some system or software issue which can be repaired so we are send big this phone to Bangalore for the Repair. I told them right away that it's a brand new hand set which costed me Rs70000/- and the problem in the phone is a manufacturing defect and I will not accept any repir on it.but they still continued with there process and now they have sent me a message that the phone has been repaired and I can collect it. If they knew there was problem why did they not get it rectified at first time when I submitted and also gave me wrong information that it has been rectified. NOW, why should I accept a repaired phone when it was not my fault and it was a manufacturing defect? Apple as a company never had a repairing policy in past now have opened a repair Center in Bangalore for customers so that it will be beneficial for Apple customers, but now they have started putting defected products in the market,as they know,first they will get the full money for it,which is an enormous amount of money and then if customer faces a problem will try and repair and give it back and the cycle will carry on. why did I pay full money for a faulty repaired phone. Apple support or IZENICA being authorised service Center are throwing there customers from one end to other without even resolving there issues. When I asked them to send me all the conversation we had for about two months in regards to my phone,or my account details where all executives have been making notes of all the conversation we had,so that I can file a case,they denied saying that it's only used for there internal quality purpose. And can't be shared. Now I stuck where a huge company like Apple who has done fraud with me and there useless service centre where no body is ready to help me for the same.i m not able to put the video as a proof as it is not allowing me to put my video file.but I have enough videos and screen shots of my hanging screen.

Complainant's Goal: To get justice for what I paid.
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGhaziabad

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Sat, 03 Jun 2017  Ravi Garg

Same is happening with me from 27 days. But device is iphone 7