Apple India - Faulty display unit
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Complaint by: souvik dutta on October 9, 2017, 9:55 pm in Computers and Accessories

I purchased a MacBook Air and strangely within
One year it stopped working.went to a apple
Authorised service centre and they told me
That the display unit was not functional and I have
To change the display unit which cost rs 48000
I have to pay the amount as my warranty period is
Over(though it is only 1year and 2months old)
Apple India provides 1year warranty and though it i
Is only two months but still they refused to assist.
Apple product has reputation of good hardware so
People blindly trust apple and pay the extra amount of
Money but if the product doesn't run for 1year also
And apple reject for any support it's very pathetic for
A common man like me.
Hope you can find a way out of this problem.
Thanking you.

Complainant's Goal: Repair my laptop
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Recent Comments
Sun, 15 Oct 2017  Conrad

To Concerned,

I would like to draw your attention to the BAD AFTER SALES SERVICE RECEIVED.

Please find the below series of events that has prompted me to write this email. its with sheer anger n frustration that i write this email.

1) My macbook pro suddenly starts to conk of while in use. The service centre staff states they would be doing a diagnosis on the system to understand the issue. "The charge for diagnosis is 3000/-. Incase itís a software issue it would be covered in the 3000, incase hardware the charge of that part would be additional" to which i agreed mentioning that the data in my system is important and havenít taken a back up. To which the staff said the tech guy would seek your consent and then proceed with a ďFORMATĒ

2)I receive a call a few days later stating the system would require a "FORMAT" and he states that the data backup would be chargeable for an amount of 2odd thousand, when told him the back charges were never conveyed to me. He said will arrange for someone to call me up from the maple centre.

3) When the call was done , the staff conveyed to me that the charges would apply, incase I do not wish to pay, I can come to maple along with my hard disk an take the back up myself. I specifically told the staff would come any day during the week.

4) I left work early from Lower Parel just to get to maple and have my back up taken, only to realize that the service is closed due to the launch of IPhone.

5) After inquiring for the person in charge, Mr Joe arrives, stating the service centre is closed, after a lot of argument he said will see what he can do best. He comes back to me stating to leave my hard disk and he would take the back up at no fee, considering the fact that the charge was not conveyed to me and that the closure of the centre too was not intimated to me. He concluded stating that will call be up and have me updated upon the current status of the machine.

6) Mr Joe calls me and gives a shocking reason for the issue of the laptop, stating the motherboard has an issue and will cost 41 odd thousand. Which seems quite strange, considering the fact that the earlier guy (Tech) who called me states that itís a software issue and would require a format and now Mr Joe states itís a motherboard issue. Both responses do no good but just contradict each other. Wonder why such contradiction? Is it because I disputed about the backup and got it the charges waived so the cover up for that you nullify it with the motherboard? Or is this the normal workings of Apple?

Any ways my plight hasnít stopped there, once I received my laptop. It does not even start up. The screen just prompts a question mark. Wonder why??

A simple question, once the laptop is with maple are these the actions taken to incline the customer to pay a hefty amount and get the laptop back??


Thu, 12 Oct 2017  Ankur Sehgal

Ditto is case with me....i bought Mac Air on 06 Jul 2016 and last week it went down, not booting up. When took to apple service center, they kept for diagnosis and today today that IC chip has gone bad and put up a bill of 45000 INR. not to mention, all the likes of age old viaos, lenovos and HP laptops are still working fine (though battery has to be replaced) which signals that there aint any electric fault . It really disappointing that Apple is shipping a faulty hardware and as its happening to multiple folks, it does sound like a strategy than co-incidence !!

Shame on you, Apple..really disgusted !!

if apple has any iota of conscious, better get it repaired at no or low cost that demanding 45K INR...i would rather buy another make new laptop than going for Apple ever again !!