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Complaint by: Sameer on January 8, 2015, 10:49 am in Real Estate

Dear Investors, Please keep away from investing with Expat properties....The Sales executives (Mrs. Chaya from Mumbai Office & Mrs. Ranjini, Customer Relation Executive) will commit/Fool you with their sweet talks and disappear when required by not answering your call or mails.
I had invested in Expat properties, but due to some financial crunches had to withdraw the same...I expressed the concern and was assured by their sales Executive Mrs. Chaya for full refund (Without any deduction) she said that the property would be sold to someone else and as a special case full amount of my investment will be refunded, then after she never answered my call or mail for 6months... after making 100+ calls to their Bangalore office. After more than 6months, i got the money back with deduction of 30,000/- Rs.....

I am about to file a legal suit... if anyone wants to join in??

Sameer Sayed
Ph: 9970165856

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back, No othe customer should be fooled
Complainant's Target: Expat Properties
Complaint Location: India

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Thu, 21 Sep 2017  Ravi Pandey

Dear Honda Team,

This is to bring to your notice that i bought a bike in the month Nov 2016, but within 6month it started creating some or the other technical problem(Concern is mentioned in attached mail).

I have a fell now i am been given some sub standard quality or used bike as the bike has given up within span 6month.

Below are the complaint which seems never resolving complaint.
1.Engine is making noise - This was addressed during my last complaint but again with 200km same issue started.
2.Self doesn't work after several KM once it switch off, its gone, at-least you need to make 10 attempt to get the bike start - This embarrassing situation i have faced a lot, standing at roadside so as bike to start other commuter are waiting for me to either park on one side.
3.Pickup issue - Being its 160CC i expect some kind of immediate pick up, one fell so irritating while driving being the fact till 2nd gear its pick up is almost nill.
4.Headlight not working - After replacement of Speedometer the UPPER headlight doesn't work, i have already logged a complaint no resolution yet.

Please mark my words as i am sending one copy to my advocate as well and also i will make it viral to all possible medium including media as well , i am felling very risky to drive as i already meet with small accident couple of days back because of headlight issue, if any thing goes with all dues HONDA will be sole responsible.

Believe me i am not a pampering client but my complaint is very genuine as i have spend my harden money but felling bad for getting cheated and, i am also Ok if some member wants to take a trail of 10days and understand my whole situation.

I am still wiling to continue my journey subject to i get permanent resolution.

I am looking for positive and quick response for closure of my complaint.

It will great if you can change this defective bike as i am literally scared to drive any more and i am completely OK to pay additional amount so as to upgrade with better model which doesnt gives away so soon.

Thanks and regards

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 - Business Reply from - Expat Projects (Expat Properties)

Dear Mr. Rajesh,

We understand that you are in touch with a member of our senior management and we are working towards a resolution to your query.

Best Regards,
Expat Projects

Fri, 21 Oct 2016  RAJESH CHETTIAR

I have already posted my comment but would like to add few more things to be careful with the sales executive who will try to brain wash you that there will be appreciation of land after few years and you will become crorepati. This is how they fooled me and now am old and have invested thinking that I will get good returns but to no avail.


Fri, 21 Oct 2016  RAJESH CHETTIAR

Dear Investors,

I invested in this property in 2010. The Expat sales executive took me to the site where the plot was situated but later on after registration in 2013, the plot was not the same which I was shown before. This is the first cheating they did. Secondly, they said the plot will be handed over in 2013 but its 2016 but still haven't handed over the plot on Asmita Project in Mangaon. Later on in 2015 when i insisted on seeing the plot they told me that your plot is on hills where there is no access to the plot, there were all bushes and trees and this property pertains to FOREST DEPARTMENT. The 7/12 extract was also in FOREST DEPARTMENT Name and not my name though it was registered in 2013. Till todate, 21st October 2016 I have been following with RANJINI and Berlyn Dsouza but they were not able to provide me the plot handover nor they are returning my money. Its my hard owned money which I have lost by investing with EXPAT. I request you not to invest your hard earned money with EXPAT or else you will be frustrated, tensed and fail in your success. This are just there to take your money and in return you will get nothing.

Fri, 13 Feb 2015 - Business Reply from - Expat Properties (Expat Properties)

Dear Sanjeev,

We are unsure about the comments you have made in this forum, as we could not trace your specific complaint in our official records. Your posting also does not carry your contact details for us to respond effectively. If you believe that there is an issue with our service levels, then you are welcome to contact Mr. Berlyn D’Souza at our Customer Relations office on 080-4444-7777 or email to berlyn@expat-group.com. Be rest assured that once we receive your complaint with your contact information, we will make it our priority to get it resolved at the earliest.

Expat Properties

Fri, 13 Feb 2015 - Business Reply from - Expat Properties (Expat Properties)

Dear Mr Sayed,

The booking has been cancelled as per your request dated 11-May-2014. As per the contractual document signed between Expat and yourself dated 4th Feb-2014 we have deducted Rs 30,000 as per the cancellation clause in the document. The product application form dated 25-Nov-2013 also clearly highlights the cancellation clause should you wish to exit from the project. If you have any written commitment from Expat that the cancellation charges will be waived off and the money will be refunded in full, please send that across to info@expat-group.com, so that we can look into it.

Warm Regards,
Expat Properties

Wed, 21 Jan 2015  Sanjeev

I completely agree with you sameer. I also had really bad experience with Chaya bolar of expat. She is good for nothing! I wonder why expat is keeping such a person as their staff. I even complained to the higher authority about her but she continue to neglect my request. She used to call me 50times while selling a plot and when i needed some advice, she would not take my call or such ignore. I even asked my friends to invest in this property but after her shi*** service, i adviced them to refrain from this company because of her nonchalant attitude. Such a pity! Company seems to be descent but staffs like her is destroying the image.