Airtel Delhi - Complaint regarding net pack validity (+91 9162234393)
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Complaint by: pritesh571982 on July 16, 2017, 4:28 pm in Telecommunications

Complaint regarding net pack validity (+91 9162234393)


Regretfully I would like to inform you that I had recharged my SIM with ₹ 399/- on 20th June 2017 and the tariff for the said amount was as follows:-

Unlimited STD/Local calls - validity 70 days (limited to 300 minutes per week)
Data pack 1 GB per day - validity 70 days

After successful recharge with ₹ 399/-, I got a confirmation that the tariff is successfully applied to your mobile number and validity of the same is till 28th August 2017.

I checked validity period of my data pack also using *125*1541# and it was confirmed by this USSD code, i.e. data pack is valid till 28th August 2017.

The main issue is mentioned below and it shows the disgusting services and system of Airtel Communication towards its customers:-

1st Issue:-

Since the day, I recharged my mobile number, whenever I make a call, a system generated voice is being played and that voice is as follows:

"Validity of your internet pack is expired. Amount will be deducted from your main balance. Kindly recharge with a valid data pack to avail benefits of Airtel Internet pack. Dial 121314 for more information."

I am always amazed to listen this voice tag, played by the best-ever telecommunication company, i.e. Airtel and couldn't identify the exact reason why they are playing this irritating tune always before connecting me to anybody.

How can Airtel Company play with a customer's feeling and his/her prestige? This DEDICATED voice tag is stating the same clearly that customer's prestige; their embarrassing situation doesn't matter to Airtel anyway and at all. I cannot even give my mobile to anybody including my family member to make a call because of this shameful voice tag which is being played by Airtel without checking the validity period of my tariff and balance.

Well, I called to Airtel Customer Care cell, after dialing 198, on 5th July 2017, at 18:30 hours regarding this issue that why Airtel voice tag is being played always whereas my validity pack and enough balance, both for data and call, are already available in my mobile. After asking this query, customer care executive told me that it's a IVR system reply, which is not a complaint and even complaint cannot be lodged for this IVR related issue.

I told junior executive to transfer my call to senior one because his answer was not satisfactory and after a little wait, I was connected to senior executive. Surprisingly, senior executive also told me that this is an IVR response, which is not treated as a complaint and the process of lodging this type of complaint is not available at our end. I told him to connect me with the floor supervisor or appellate desk and he kept me on a hold for 4-5 minutes. After a hold of almost 4-5 minutes, senior executive told me that floor supervisor is not at his desk and he is not able to connect me to appellate desk because of some official reasons.

A asked that senior executive about arrival time of his floor supervisor but instead of telling the things, he gave me a wrong number, stating that this number is from appellate desk and you can call them. Right now, I don't remember that particular number otherwise I would mention the same. Well, I tried that number many times but always "this is not a valid number" voice tag was being played by Airtel system and after that the line was disconnected.

I didn't try for the next time, because I was fed-up of the moderated system of Airtel, so I thought instead of calling to customer care cell, I should write to the concerned division for the needful, as customer care executives were unable to resolve the error.

Anyways, I just want to know that why Airtel Communication has made such a silly system where plans are not being checked by the system before playing its voice tag? Don't you think it's an irresponsible thing which Airtel is doing? Can you feel the humiliation of playing a song like "your validity is not......." in front of anybody while you are sitting with some prestigious people, or valuable friends or important family members? No, Airtel communication cannot feel that type of humiliation because this company has become shameless that's why they have not made any system where complaint regarding IVR system can be lodged by their customer, whereas customer is not faulty.

Well, I just need the solution about this issue and if Airtel company cannot serve their customers properly then they should play a voice tag "We are sorry to serve you better due to our downward flow of business, hence you are requested to port-out to some other telecommunication channel". Ridiculous, it's really ridiculous. Why should I face a time-consuming voice tag without any reason, can Airtel answer, or they are liable to deduct balance only, not responsible to answer the queries of their customers? I think, Airtel communication is not tired off serving their customer because they have earned more than enough money, instead.

Well, sorry for my comments and even, Airtel people can feel that embarrassing situation while "validity pack expired" voice tag shall be played in his/her mobile after enough balance and packs. So, solution is needed, if Airtel peoples are worried about the issue and customer's satisfaction.

2nd Issue:-

For the last 10-15 days, while I am dialing JIO numbers from my Airtel number, as mentioned in the subject line, an another voice tag is being played "the dialed number does not exist, kindly check the number and dial again" whereas dialed numbers are valid, active at present and being connected by some other communication channels. I want to say that while I am dialing any JIO number using my VODAFONE number, as I am using this alternative SIM, the call is being connected without any interruption.

This problem is basically in Deoghar, Jharkhand. While I was at my residence, i.e. in Bihar, this problem was not there. I was able to dial these JIO numbers without any interruption.
Can Airtel explain why JIO numbers are not being connected by Airtel while valid numbers are dialed?

I have so many disputes about my Airtel number because the services or Airtel are now poorer than earlier day's services. I am really getting tired of sometimes due to these types of cheap services. Anybody can be amazed to know that facts that Airtel is now not providing genuine and user-friendly services, as this company was providing in the past.

So, I need a solution that why I am not able to connect with these two numbers using my Airtel SIM while both the numbers are active and in use.

3rd Issue:-

At present, I am living in Deoghar, Jharkhand. My locality in Deoghar, Jharkhand is Hridya Kund (Durga Bari), Behind Barnwal Dharamshala, Deoghar, Jharkhand.

I am using 4G SIM with 4G plan for data, i.e. 1 GB per day pack and the same is activated for 70 days, as mentioned at ISSUE 1.

Well, in the same flat, network fluctuation and congestion is happening so often. It's really ridiculous that in the same flat, 2G, 3G and 4G all these three networks are playing with each other. I cannot explain the exact scenario of Airtel network in the area and because of this often data are lost due to broken network services. Sometimes call drops are also happen due to these worst network frequencies. Sometimes network frequency is 10%, sometimes 20% sometimes 70% or so on, it shows never networks are in its strong position.

Can Airtel provide me the specific and authenticated answer for these three queries or they are already relaxed with their services?

Hope for the best and immediate attention.

Thanks and regards

Mobile: +91 9162234393

Complainant's Goal: Customer care is not responding after so many calls, emails and contacts
Complainant's Target: Airtel Delhi
Complaint Location: IndiaJharkhandDeoghar

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