Reliance Communications Limited - Charged excessively against past postpaid bill
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Complaint by: Abhishek on April 12, 2013, 9:43 pm in Mobile Service Providers

Respected Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that I was using a Reliance postpaid number, with Subscriber No – 8882899089 & A/c No. – 500000988849, for which a outstanding was due of Rs. 3236.93 against Bill Invoice No – 344378273016 and Bill Date – 05-OCT-2012.

I made the online payment of this bill in the month of December, on 31-DEC-12 of amount Rs. 3236.93 via Credit Card, and the Receipt No for the same is AM29871663.

But, from the month of February, I was started getting calls from Delhi Tees Hazari Consumer Court, that an amount of Rs. 3240 is due on my Reliance Postpaid Subscriber No – 8882899089 with A/c No. – 500000988849. The representative asked me to visit the court and clear the matter or else to visit the Reliance Web World and clear the dues. I told the representative that I’ve already made the payment using reliance online services and gave him the Receipt No. also. Then the representative said that he will check the details against the Receipt no that i gave him and would call me back in case of any conflicts.

Then in the month of March, i again received some calls from the Consumer Court but I was unable to speak to the representative as I was out of the city due to some personal issues.

Although, I did sent an email to Reliance Customer Care to check the account status and verify whether there is any pending payment still reflecting against my account. But the response was unsatisfactory as the executive was unable to help me in providing any relevant information.

When I returned to Delhi, I went to the Reliance Mobile Store in Dwarka (South West Delhi), New Delhi and requested the Customer Care representative to check whether there is any pending payments due on my account. He told me that the last payment made by me was of Rs. 3236.93 and there is an amount pending on the account of Rs. 1159. So, I made the payment of Rs. 1159 at the Reliance Store and the Receipt No for the payment is IB00025193236, Dated – 06/04/2013.

But today, I received another call from Tees Hazari Consumer Court and the representative told me that there is an outstanding of Rs. 3240 against my account and asked me to come to the court with my advocate to settle the issue or else make the payment and give her the receipt no. I told her that I’ve already made the payment in past and have recently made another payment and gave her the receipt numbers also. But, she was not agreeing to it and repeatedly asked me to either settle the case by visiting the court or make the payment online, else a legal action would be taken against me. She said that if I’ll make the payment right now and give her the receipt number on phone itself, then she would close down the case by sending the required details to Reliance and an NOC would be issued to me on email. So, I agreed to pay the dues again and the representative guided me to make the online payment via Reliance Postpaid Bill Payment service. I made a payment of Rs. 3240 today and gave her the Receipt No, i.e. AMIP34414089.

After an hour, I received an email from Vishal Agnihotri, CRODelhi RCOM, stating that payment of Rs. 3240 has been received as full & final settlement against my Reliance Postpaid Subscriber No – 8882899089 with A/c No. – 500000988849 and to treat the email as NOC.

Now, after making all the payments, and rather making the payments twice, when I visited my Reliance account online, I was able to see all the payment which I’ve made till date and it shows that all payments have been made successfully. And also, if I check my Current Account Status, it shows the Current Outstanding as -4399.00. Which means that I’ve made extra payments to Reliance and I’m liable to get a refund of Rs. 4399.

In this regards, I would like to request you to please take further actions against this matter so that I could get my money refunded from Reliance for the extra payments made by me against my account. Else, guide me to the proper channel where I should take this matter for further action.

Complainant's Goal: To get refund of excess payments made to reliance.
Complainant's Target: Reliance Communications Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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TERMINATION OF 0581-3293446 id224039129dt21082014
despite of of disconnection my account was debited by RS 2055/= THATS WHY THE EXCESS AMOUNT SO debited in two transactions and cash depodit may please be refunded.
ontelephonic contact i was told it will be refunded by WEBWORLD but no webworld is here
again contactcting on phone i was told you will shortlu get the refund chq RS2505.tilldate no communication recd.

Wed, 12 Mar 2014  prashant

Similar case has happened with me. A lady (Neha Tyagi - Don't know how real is this name) called me yesterday asking me to come to the court..

I have been using Reliance internet services for quite a long time and the datacard no. 9350872476.
for quite a long time but due to some personal reasons i have to discontinue the use of this service and for that only i had called customer care services and the executive had come to collect the application for disconnection of datacard and we gave the cheque of the due and undue amount till then to him on 01.08.2013
and only my mistake is that i did not take any receipt for that final amount, after two months since then we have come to know that datacard's disconnection request has still not been updated and bill is getting generated but we not used the datacard since then
Moreover this is not our fault as well if your system has not been upgraded.
I am giving the last transaction details regarding the cheque given to that executive

Transaction date : 05/08/2013
Cheque Number : 749439
Debit : 2200

Even i have already registered the complained in Reliance store at MG road and asked that you can confirm with that person who have collect the final amount cheque and they said ok we will confirm and will get back to you update and after sometime they called me that we have resolved your problem now you will not get any call from our side, but now once again from last two month they are calling me for settlement amount.

I hope you will look into the matter
Also this datacard should also be disconnected and we are not liable to any payments since 05.08.2013.

Service Request ID: 210241082 (on 10/10/2013 at 11:55:50 am)

Reliance communications is such a big name and i do not expect it to have such discrepancy .
Hope it will resolve the grievance of its customers


Tue, 12 Nov 2013  Vinay Srivastava

Similar case has happened with me. A lady (Neha Tyagi - Don't know how real is this name) called me yesterday asking me to come to the court with my lawyer or settle the dues (which apparently had all been paid) outside by visiting Reliance Store. I told her that I've made all the payments then how come there is any outstanding amount. She referred me to Reliance Store stating she is not an Reliance employee but an employee of Delhi Court.

I made the payment again as she directed and gave her the details. She then told me that she would send me an email acknowledgement for Full and Final settlement of this matter. I haven't got any any yet and today when I called the same number she had been calling, she asked me to send a test email to

Now this is completely contradictory to the information provided to me yesterday. She claimed to be an employee of Delhi Court and not Reliance, then how can she have access to this email.

I suspect that this is some kind of scam being done by Reliance folks by threatening people to come to the court and cheat them. I will never ever engage with Reliance in future, for sure.


Mon, 15 Apr 2013 - Business Reply from - RCOMcare (Reliance Communications Limited)

Dear Customer,

We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.